They Live: Assault On Cable 54 Pre-Launch now live

Hey brothers, there’s something new going down.” We would like to introduce you to John Carpenter’s They Live: Assault on Cable 54 the new boardgame created by Iconiq Studios, a UK based company comprised of passionate game enthusiasts. The game is fully licensed from Studiocanal, and is coming to Kickstarter on the 31st March 2020 .

They Live : Assault on Cable 54 Kickstarter Trailer

They Live: Assault on Cable 54 is a 4-6 player, narrative driven, adventure game that features hidden enemies inspired by the 1988 sci-fi classic. Most excitingly, it includes a real-world working pair of Hoffman Lenses that not only make you feel more immersed in the world of the movie, but are also an integral part of the game.

The adventure involves players exploring the city of LA to gain assets that will prepare them for the final push against the oppression of the invaders. Players will assume the role of either a human or an invader, and that will determine if they plan to strengthen the resistance or sabotage their efforts to succeed. However, this role will be hidden from the other players, and can only be detected by using the Hoffman Lenses .

How does it work? Is it even real?
The technology works seamlessly through practical polarization techniques and specialised printing methods. This means there is no need for any other tech – anyone can simply put the glasses on and feel like they’re in the movie.

Below is a real-world example of the glasses working through a camera lens.
They Live: Assault On Cable 54, Working Hoffman Lenses Trailer

Say the guys behind the game “We have tested the glasses with a number of people who have varied prescriptions of eyeglasses, and the result was a 100% success rate. Everyone who tried them was able to clearly see the hidden images, messages and icons. We can also confirm that the hidden messages look even bolder under natural lighting and through the human eye (rather than through a camera with studio lighting).”

Narrative Storytelling
The makers have partnered with an award winning writer to ensure that They Live: Assault on Cable 54 features a well-crafted and faithful narrative including both new and existing characters. Great effort has been taken to ensure that this feels like a living breathing story within the world of the classic movie.

Can a simple drifter rise to lead the resistance against our invaders?
Can a corrupt politician find redemption?
Can a tired detective track down an elusive Invader-targeting serial killer?

These stories are told through a unique story deck for each character. The order of their deck is randomised, and how many cards it takes to complete your story depends on your success with each. This system means a different personal-story experience each time you play. All the stories have different endings depending on if you’re playing as a human or an invader. Completing them is optional, but doing so will reward you with unique character items and special skills to aid in overthrowing the invaders, or sabotaging the resistance!

Kickstarter is the best way of letting the public know and decide on viable boardgame projects. They have also agreed to the release of international shipping through Kickstarter. To ensure wide access to larger quantities of rewards internationally, they will be adding a ‘Bulk-Backing’ option to our kickstarter. This will allow backers who need larger quantities to get 6 copies of the Kickstarter edition of the game with all KS exclusive items and stretch goals for a discounted rate. CLICK HERE FOR KICKSTARTER PRE-LAUNCH PAGE

Each Game Includes:
A pair of 1:1 Scale Hoffman Lenses that work with the game.
A highly detailed resistance themed board
6 Custom They Live themed dice (Higher quantities available)
8 characters, each with their own personal story deck (Totalling 80 story cards)
A total of 8 human/invader character boards for 6 players and 2 additional character builds
9 hidden message billboards
60+ weapon / item / ally cards (with hidden icons)
Narrative location cards themed by area
A set of exciting and challenging “Final Assault” cards to make the ending an adventure
Detailed enemy tokens
All instructions, tokens and markers required for play

As with any Kickstarter; word of mouth is key. They also have the following social media links that you can follow, but also share and help us spread the word. Remember, you are part of the resistance now.


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