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THE WOLF MAN, THE MUMMY, THEY LIVE Apparel from Fright-Rags

THE WOLF MAN, THE MUMMY, THEY LIVE Apparel Available Now at Fright-Rags.com In its continuing commitment to provide horror fans with apparel from all eras of the genre, Fright-Rags has released new collections featuring classic creatures, an ’80s favorite, and a contemporary podcast. Fright-Rags’ Universal Monsters line grows to include The Wolf Man and The Mummy. […]Read More

They Live: Assault On Cable 54 Pre-Launch now live

Hey brothers, there’s something new going down.” We would like to introduce you to John Carpenter’s They Live: Assault on Cable 54 the new boardgame created by Iconiq Studios, a UK based company comprised of passionate game enthusiasts. The game is fully licensed from Studiocanal, and is coming to Kickstarter on the 31st March 2020 […]Read More

John Carpenter 4K Restorations Feature Review

For me John Carpenter is one of the greatest directors that ever lived. An auteur responsible for not only the direction but the script the story and music on many marvellous movies including the best remake ever made with his take on The Thing. Carpenter is also able to turn his hand to any genre […]Read More

John Carpenter Podcast Special

Although Zombie2 aka Alex loves horror he also loves Sci-Fi and so way back in January 2017 he joined with two other opinionated experts Chris and Sam to form the Science Fiction Rating System a podcast taking on the mammoth task of rating every Sci-Fi movie ever made!Read More


STUDIOCANAL is delighted to celebrate the work of the master of ‘80s sci-fi, fantasy and horror, John Carpenter, with the announcement of brand new 4k restorations of some of his most iconic titles: THE FOG, THEY LIVE, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and PRINCE OF DARKNESS. All four brand new 4k restorations were done using the […]Read More


We insert a second set of films into the list. Alex has childhood memories ruined, Sam just wants to watch Keith David fight, and Chris can’t stop talking about Independence Day. Listen to more episodes of the Science Fiction Ratings System podcast by clicking HERE See the list at sciencefictionratingsystem.com Like us on Facebook facebook.com/sfratingsystem […]Read More