A Cannibal in Cannes 2

Finding myself in a sequel to my fortuitous escapade last year, I was lucky to attend the 71st Cannes Film Festival on behalf of Love Horror.

Last year was all about the parties, so I decided to make my second Cannes all about seeing as many quality films as a I could. The champagne flows very easily and very frequently in Cannes, so you have to resist the temptation after half a dozen!

Arriving the day before the festival, I was able to get my bearings and pass sorted out before the big crush of the event.

A big change to this year’s event includes the press screenings happening at the same time as the red-carpet premiere for films in competition. I was lucky to squeeze into the press screening of the opening ceremony and film, Everybody Knows -where Javier Bardem does his best to smoulder and brood the furniture.

Queueing for two hours for a screening of Martin Scorsese’s first film, Mean Streets, followed by a 90-minute conversation with the legendary director himself was the highlight of the festival for me. I couldn’t have imagined a better scenario to have seen his debut film for the first time. You can tell he threw absolutely everything at the screen. Not a moment goes by without a mass brawl, gunfight, argument or sleaze. Utterly relentless!

I finished the second day with the documentary, The Eyes of Orson Welles, which examined the his work through the prism of his sketches and drawings. I would have liked to have seen more about man’s private life discussed. This was more of a love letter.

Yomeddine – the first film on my third day in Cannes, easily becoming one of my films of the festival. A road movie about an Egyptian man living with the effects of having leprosy as a child. He sets out on a mission to find the family who abandoned him at the leper colony 40 years ago with an orphan boy he’s befriended. A very heart-warming, funny and exciting 130 minutes to spend the afternoon.

The absolute top contender for film of the festival, the winner of the Love HorR’Or, is Border (aka ‘Gräns’). Although I have to admit it’s not in competition and I’ve only seen a fraction of the films at Cannes! Border has the dry deadpan feel of a Scandi drama, with the awkward surreal humour of the Greasy Strangler. Will become a hit on the festival circuit. My review will be coming soon!

Another highlight of the festival was the Korean thriller, The Spy Gone North – an exciting espionage thriller with the best Kim Jong-il impersonator on earth!

I ended the festival on Saturday, walking the prestigious red carpet for the Iranian drama, 3 Faces. I did try and get a selfie, but got pounced on at every opportunity!

Please stay tuned to Love Horror for reviews of some of these films, and many more!

Casserly Uncut #12 – My #Cannes2018 in one minute or less


Sam Casserly

After escaping his host and coming alive in the era of Video Nasties, Cannibal Casserly consumed all the terror he could get his stumpy little hands on. On the verge of releasing his first low budget horror feature, he lurks in the shadows to avoid the pitchforks of witch burning villagers. This misunderstood monster just wants to be your friend. www.samcasserly.co.uk

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