The Top 3 Most Stupid Decisions in Horror Movies

Horror movies are powerful things. They scare us (sometimes frighten us to our very core) and somehow make us thankful that we’re still alive after being chased by a bunch of killer clowns/vampires/zombies.

There’s one thing, however, that remains true of every single horror movie that ever existed, no matter how scary or how bad the movie here are always stupid decisions. Horrors are full of them. And while many scares would never have happened without them, they’re still stupid.

Here is a list of the top three most stupid decisions from horror movies ever. If you’re ever end up in a horror movie scenario, don’t EVER make these mistakes. More realistically, if you’re watching one, feel free to devise a drinking game based on them.

Having sex

teenagersThe horror genre has long been trying to warn the younger generation of the dangers of sex. From supernatural mysteries to slasher movies, we’ve seen an endless number of victims suffer from violent and terrifying consequences from having sex that it’s perhaps become the biggest cliche of them all, as Scream pointed out.

Almost everyone who does is either killed or traumatised forever, often because the person they were getting it on with was trying to kill them. Sex is a part of horror, but that doesn’t make it a good idea for those having it.

The best example may be Rosemary’s Baby, where we saw the lead female character turn a blind eye to the strange behavior of her husband because she was so focused on becoming pregnant. Then she ended up conceiving the child of Satan.

We doubt that was part of her plan.

Keeping the zombie infection a secret

zombie biteIn pretty much every zombie movie we’ve ever seen, there’s always that one individual who gets bitten by the walking dead, but has then taken the cowardly decision to avoid telling their family and friends.

Of course, sooner or later, their sickness evolves into something too chronic for them to hide it any further. They proceed to die and make their come back, determined to chomp down on suspecting victims. It’s not only dangerous and stupid, but somewhat on the inconsiderate side.

As stupid as this move is, who among us can resist a good zombie flick?
In fact, it isn’t just movies that popular culture has embraced in the genre in recent years, with The Walking Dead being among the most watched shows of the last decade. There are also a number of video games, including Dead Island and State of Decay dedicated to the body biters. There’s even a zombie online slot game at Casino Euro, where players can use 20 free spins to get them started.

Just remember this: for God’s sake, should you get bitten, tell everyone you know. Although we wouldn’t blame you for trying to hide it.

Trying to make contact with evil spirits

ouijaIf there’s one thing that we’ve learned from horror movies, it’s that if a spirit has dedicated its afterlife to haunting an individual/family and their home, it probably isn’t going to turn out to be Casper the Friendly Ghost.
It’s usually made obvious early on in the movie, when it torments the children or leaves some kind of mark on the family’s bodies.

Many of the characters, however, seem to believe that it would be a good idea to have a nice little talk with the crazed spirit. In theory, it would appear to make some sense; understanding the reasons behind why a ghost would be haunting them could result in working out how to get it to go away. And sometimes that happens.

However, starting a conversation with another dimension typically involves inviting a whole host of supernatural mayhem. The smart way to look at it would be that if a spirit has already shown a violent tendency, it’s never going to be a good idea to invite them in for more.

Think we’re wrong? Think these decisions aren’t stupid to make? Fair enough, go ahead and make them and see where it gets you.



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