Tobe Hooper 1943 – 2017

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre made in 1974 was, is and always will be one of the most shocking, scary and downright disturbing horror films ever made and this is all due to Tobe Hooper who sadly at 74 passed away yesterday.

Having not only created the iconic character of the chainsaw wielding Leatherface as well as his mucked up cannibalistic family the film spawned 8 more movies, including Leatherface the most recent in the franchise which had its world premiere in London only a few days before his death at FrightFest. Hooper may not have been so involved in the latter sequels and reboots but the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is also one of the most influential horror films of all time its inspired style and brutal realism seen in so many movies since.

Although this movie and its insane sequel would be enough to secure Tobe Hooper’s place in the pantheon of horror legends many people are unaware he directed the brilliant Poltergeist based on a story by Steven Spielberg a supernatural shocker that proved massively commercially and critically successful when it was released in 1982. Aside from that Hooper entertained and spooked us in films such as Eaten Alive and Funhouse as well as reinventing the Dracula legend in Lifeforce giving it a gore filled sci-fi twist that is as ridiculous as it is revolutionary.

Tobe Hooper may be gone but the echoes of his work and Leaherface’s chainsaw will live on as long as horror movies are being made.

Below are links to some of our reviews of Tobe Hooper’s amazing work:

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