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Tobe Hooper 1943 – 2017

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre made in 1974 was, is and always will be one of the most shocking, scary and downright disturbing horror films ever made and this is all due to Tobe Hooper who sadly at 74 passed away yesterday.Read More

EATEN ALIVE [Aka Death Trap] (1977) Review

Hidden deep in the Texan bayous you may stumble across the dilapidated Starlight Hotel and its rambling psychotic proprietor Judd and his pet crocodile. Whatever the reason you find yourself seeking shelter in the swamp, be sure to get to your room and lock the door until sun-up for Judd does not have many folk […]Read More

Lifeforce (1985) Review

It’s a wonderful feeling when you discover a horror film that you have somehow never seen and it’s even better when this entirely new movie is also amazingly entertaining and highly original and that film for me is Lifeforce.Read More