Girls’ Night In: Horror At Home

Fans of horror fiction tend to get some of their best thrills at the cinema. You can find scary stories anywhere—in books, online, in games, on television, etc.—but there’s nothing quite like being in a crowded cinema full of like-minded viewers waiting to be spooked by a film no one’s seen yet.
That’s why these horror at homevideos of audiences reacting to the scares in the Paranormal Activity films are used as successful marketing tools for follow-up films.

But the cinema isn’t always an option, and often once the Halloween season passes, horror films are essentially done for the year. So during the holiday season, fans of the horror genre are often better off planning a sort of girls’ night in for their favourite brand of entertainment. If this sounds about right to you, read on for some suggestions of easy horror entertainment to find online and enjoy with your friends or family.

Any girls’ night in with a horror focus should of course begin with a great film, and fortunately there’s a fairly limitless variety available to stream at home. This list of the best horror films available on Netflix was compiled in the days leading up to Halloween and remains largely accurate. From the original Scream to the indie 2013 faux documentary The Conspiracy, there are a ton of great titles that you and your friends can choose from. Personally I recommend going for something vintage, with some of the classic comedic undertones that can make an old horror film so much fun. The Omen would make for a nice, smooth introduction to a night of horror.

Once the first film is out of the way, I recommend taking it easy for a little bit, and bridging the gap to the late night with some more social amusement. You’ll need to work in some food and drink, and if you really want to go for a full-fledged horror night in, a horror cookbook won’t lead you astray. Spooky dinner with a dark red wine or punch certainly keeps everyone in the right frame of mind!

While you’re still finishing up with the food and beverages, some scary gaming can be just the right thing to keep the evening going. If you happen to have a gaming console on hand and a few horror-themed titles, you can of course dive into a deeply immersive, high-quality experience. Even something like the zombie mode of a Call Of Duty game can be pretty spooky with the lights off and a horror film (and meal) already under your belt. But even if you don’t happen to have scary console games at home, plenty of options you can access online should do just fine.

Somewhat surprisingly, a lot of the options come through online casino gaming platforms. While its known for its bingo options and promotions, this site also incorporates a number of themed games that appeal to horror fans. Werewolves in particular are seen in a few of the selections, and there’s even a somewhat freaky aspect to some neutral titles like Pirate’s Plunder and Batman. And if this genre isn’t the thing for you and your friends, you can always turn to mobile app stores, where droves of scary games now exist. This list of suggestions is a good place to start, though it’s worth noting that most mobile games can be a little bit tricky to enjoy with a crowd.

Once you’ve gotten some social activity out of the way with dinner and games, it’s time to turn back to pure horror content. But before you queue up another film, I’d recommend reading a few stories to set the mood. Don’t go for the old idea of passing a flashlight around for each holder to tell a ghost story, because that tends to wind up more silly than scary. Instead, opt for some real-world ghost stories, as there’s nothing scarier than a horror scenario that actually took place. Reading a few real accounts of spooky happenings gets you right back in the mood for more films—and also makes those films feel a little more realistic themselves.

From that point on, it’s back to the Netflix binge and as much horror as you can handle before settling down for your nightmares. Once it’s all said and done, you’ll have had an incredibly satisfying night of scares, even with Halloween and its accompanying cinema activity having already passed.


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