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“Come Closer” – Cult Soundtrack Composer Richard Band’s Top 5

Established by producer and director Charles Band in 1983, Empire Pictures quickly became notorious for the horror-comedy classics made during its brief but legendary lifespan. With wild special effects, outrageous humour and over-the-top horror action Ghoulies, Troll and TerrorVision were three of Empire Pictures finest works, and each movie featured an unforgettable score by Charles’ […]Read More

Horror Author Nick Stead’s Top 5 Werewolf Movies

A lifelong fan of supernatural horror and fantasy, Nick Stead spends his days prowling the darker side of fiction, often to the scream of heavy metal guitars and the purrs of his feline companions. Fate set him on the path of the writer at the tender age of fifteen. The journey has been much longer […]Read More