5 Most Disappointing Horror Films

Some films are just destined for greatness. Whether it’s because of a talented director or great source material, they just have a clear path to success.
So how the hell can they screw them up so badly? How can films so guaranteed for acclaim be such disasters?
We have compiled five prime examples of horror movies with promise that let everyone down.

5 Most Disappointing Horror Films

1. The Village

If Signs was the first indication The villagethat Shyamalan, the man once referred to as “the next Spielberg”, was losing it, the The Village, released two years later, proved that he had well and truly gone beyond the point of no return.

Shyamalan is clearly a man who doesn’t care what others think, as demonstrated by the fact that he cast himself as a Christ like saviour figure in his next film, Lady in the Water. So when The Village ends with the most audience intelligence insulting twist ever, the only thing that you can really do is applaud him for his initiate.

2. Halloween (2007)

Rob Zombie gave us one of the finest, most memorable and creative horror movies of the 2000s with The Devil’s Rejects, so to see him not only directing a pointless remake, but a pointless remake that does nothing new or creative and ends up being (shock horror) vastly inferior to the original was a crushing disappointment.

3. Godzilla

Before this last year’s acclaimed reboot, hack duo Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin decided that the best route to take when making a movie about everyone’s favourite Kaiju would be to limit the monster’s screen time, instead focusing on an awkward romantic subplot acted with enough stiffness to make Godzilla seem human, jokes centred around a pile of fish being referred to as…a lot of fish (followed by a pause for the audience to laugh, and ripping off Jurassic Park by having baby Godzillas running amok. But Emmerich, who admits to having no love for the original Godzilla movies, is clearly no Spielberg.

Godzilla: “Just kill me now”

4. Aliens vs. Predator

Ever since the Easter Egg of a Xenomorph Alien vs predatorskull appearing in the Predator’s trophy collection at the end of Predator 2 led to the multi-media crossover franchise, fans were eagerly anticipating the inevitable day that it would ht the big screen. Then franchise killer Paul WS Anderson came onboard and those hopes were quickly dashed.
Anderson seemed to have made a checklist of fan expectations that he was to destroy:
PG-13 rating meaing no blood or gore – check.
Set entirely on Earth instead of in space to ruin the sense of creativity employed by science-fiction – check.
Pointless appearance of Lance Henriksen from Aliens to try and convince fans that he does indeed care about the series origins – check.
Limiting fights between the monsters as much as possible, despite the entire franchise being about the two of them going head to head – check.
Stupid, puerile plot bearing no resemblance to the novels and comic books check. Replacement with memorable dialogue from both the Aliens and Predator film series, such as “get away from her you bitch” or “I ain’t got time to bleed” with clunky, dull and unmemorable lines such as “I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it” – check.

5. WWZ

A $190 million budget zombie apocalypse movie? Yes please. A PG-13 rating, a starring vehicle for Brad Pitt, seven weeks of re-shoots,

and little to no resemble to the original novel. On second thought, no thanks. Like the vampire craze, the zombie craze now seems to be coming to a close, thanks in no small part to this shambling, rotting corpse of a movie.

wwz horror world war z
“Give her air, she just read one of the reviews”

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