Horror Favourites – Ciarán O’Keeffe

Ciarán O’Keeffe is best known for his appearances as a parasychologist on the successful ghost hunting series – Most Haunted.

He is still busy conducting his own investigations (which can be found at Ghostlands.co.uk) and debunking suspicious spectres whilst also lecturing and writing.
He took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his all time favourite horror moments.

Ciarán O’Keeffe’s Horror Favourites

“It’s tough to narrow all my favourites down to one Ciarán O'Keeffe horror favouritesespecially because there are so many genres within horror and I have favourites within each genre.
For example, ghostly horror would be Stephen Volk’s “The Awakening” or Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Devil’s Backbone”, zombie horror would be “Dawn of the Dead” (both versions) or Tommy Wikola’s “Dead Snow”, gore horror would be “Evil Dead” or Rob Zombie’s “The Devil’s Rejects” or some of the French wave of gore (e.g. Xavier Gens’ Frontier(s)), the list goes on. But if you had to force me into a corner, I’d have to choose 2 I’m afraid.

1) Hellraiser, 2) The Exorcist (and The Exorcist III).

Hellraiser is because the Books of Blood still hold a huge influence on my fascination with horror and the dark side of the paranormal and human spirit. I’m an avid Clive Barker fan in terms of his fiction and artwork and these constantly affect my own writings and ongoing short stories. The fact Clive Barker directed this first film (not a fan of the descent into dross of the sequels) means we are gaining an insight into how he would vidualise The Hellbound Heart.
My second choice, The Exorcist (and The Exorcist III) tap into one of my areas of specialism, Christian Parapsychology. I’m fascinated by, and am constantly researching, phenomena such as possession, exorcism, stigmata etc. and so this film encapsulated that interest at a very early age.
The fact I’m now in a position where I’ve witnessed exorcisms makes the movie all the more salient… And disturbing.”


Tom Atkinson

Tom is one of the editors at Love Horror. He has been watching horror for a worryingly long time, starting on the Universal Monsters and progressing through the Carpenter classics. He has a soft-spot for eighties horror.More

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