Top 10 Horrifying Movie Mums


Mums are hard not to love. At times overbearing, overprotective, and embarrassing, the one thing most mums do is love their children. Of course there are instances when a mother’s love can go beyond that comforting constant we mostly see, turning instead into something distinctly unhealthy and, quite frankly, horrifying.

So to celebrate the release of Carrie (in cinemas across the UK from 29th November) we have compiled a list of our favourite (and we use the word loosely) horror movie mums.
Don’t forget to thank your lucky stars none of these were yours next time mum tells your other half embarrassing stories about you! It’s a small price to pay really, no?

Top 10 Horrifying Movie Mums

1. INSIDE (2007) – LA FEMME


When Sarah Scarangelo and her husband are involved in a brutal car accident that claims his life, Sarah’s only hope for happiness remains her unborn child. But when a strange woman knocks on her door one day, Sarah finds herself in a desperate fight to stay alive when it turns out the woman known only as “La Femme” (The Woman) intends to kidnap her baby to replace the child she herself lost in the accident (ah, of course!) And the fact that Sarah is still pregnant is no problem for her either.

2. PSYCHO (1960) – MRS BATES

One of Hitchcock’s most famous films, the iconic shower scene is known to all and when Bates Motel becomes the scene of several brutal murders and disappearances, the prime suspect fast becomes Norma Bates, mother to motel owner, Norman. There is one small problem however, she is quite dead… well, sort of!



Now this one we find interesting, not least because the psycho mother in this film is not the only bad guy here. When social worker Ann Gentry is assigned to the Wadsworth family, she takes a special interest in the family’s youngest member, 21 year-old “Baby” who has the mental capacity of an infant. Neglected and abused by his mother and sisters, Baby has been living as a baby for his entire life, kept this way by his family. Fearing the abuse will continue, Ann decides to help Baby by removing him from their care. Next to Mrs Wadsworth, surely Ann would be better suited to providing Baby with the care he needs…right?



Ok so a masked lunatic hell-bent on murdering anyone and everyone who crosses his path is just too obvious. Besides, what is one of the first things people ask when hearing of unspeakable murderous acts? “Where are the parents?”
Case in point, the mother of homicidal maniac Jason Voorhees, Mrs. Voorhees. And if Jason looks anything like his mother it’s probably a good thing he wears a mask! Those eyes still give us the heebie-jeebies!


When Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse learn of her pregnancy both are thrilled with the prospect of becoming parents. That is, until Rosemary’s difficult pregnancy soon turns terrifying when she begins to experience horrifying symptoms (craving raw meat is just off-the-charts weird even for a pregnant lady!) But that soon becomes the least of her worries when it soon becomes apparent that the couple she and her husband have befriended have plans for her unborn child. And lets just say they are pretty good at convincing people to join in the fun!



Set in 1950s America, Michael Laemie begins to wonder where his strange parents get the meat they serve him everyday. When he only receives a vague answer of “leftovers” from them he begins to investigate…and soon lives to regret it. Lets just say the horsemeat scandal from earlier in the year is nothing compared to this. Here’s hoping none of young Michael’s friends have disappeared after visiting the Laemie household!

7. BABY BLUES (2008) – MOM

When a young mother living in an isolated farmhouse with her four children suffers a psychotic break, the only people around to witness it are her young brood who are left helpless to the woman they once knew as their mother. And lets just say 10 year-old Jimmy has reason to be worried when he learns there will soon be another new addition to his already broken family.


A seemingly lovely lady invites lonely young people to her home for tea and comfort. Why wouldn’t you trust her? This is the mistake a surprisingly large number of trusting people make when they encounter Dorothy Yates who has recently been released from a stint in a mental institution. The reason behind it? Oh just a little cannibalism!



Three young women decide to take a break in a secluded part of a forest. (Always a good idea!) So it is no surprise then that they soon encounter two very disturbing men who subject them all to brutal acts of unimaginable violence. Mum must be so proud! Actually, yes she is! They are, after all, taking direction from her the entire time.


Poor Carrie can’t seem to be able to catch a break. Not only is she bullied at school but she also begins to experience terrifying episodes in which she seemingly makes things happen at her will. Instead of helping her however, her mother soon convinces herself that Carrie is a witch (naturally) and her abuse of her daughter soon escalates. Like we said, poor girl can’t catch a break!

And now that you are suitably freaked out! Catch Carrie when it hits UK cinemas on 29th November!


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