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Ravers Director Bernhard Pucher’s Top 5 Horror Movie Influences

A group of clubbers descend on an abandoned warehouse for a night of twisted techno and hedonistic drug-taking, but the illegal rave takes a blood-stained turn for the worse when the whacked-out partygoers mutate into crazed lunatics after drinking a batch of contaminated energy drink. Caught in the middle of the slaughter is Becky (Georgia […]Read More

Top 10 Horror Films of 2017

2017 what a year! There have been good films, there have been bad films and we here at Love Horror have tried to review them all. More importantly the world of horror lost two of its greatest directors, first the Godfather of the Dead George A. Romero in July and then the creator of the Texas […]Read More

Top 10 Horror Films of 2016 & 2 Worst!

2016 was for many a pretty bad year! For a start Britain left the E.U, tons of famous celebrities left this mortal coil and American voters left their minds at home when it came to polling day if you care about all that that is. However for us here at Love Horror 2016 gave us […]Read More

Love Horror’s Best Horror Films of 2013

And so another year has vanished like a teenage pothead in a slasher movie (but four times as fast it seems) and what a year it has been. There have been highs in horror and there have been lows but best of all there has been plenty of blood, guts and gore.Read More

Top 10 Horrifying Movie Mums

Mums are hard not to love. At times overbearing, overprotective, and embarrassing, the one thing most mums do is love their children. Of course there are instances when a mother’s love can go beyond that comforting constant we mostly see, turning instead into something distinctly unhealthy and, quite frankly, horrifying.Read More