Top 10 Hot Horror Women

Women are important to horror and always have been, playing the antagonist, protagonist and all roles in between. And as much as acting ability and experience are important attributes, more often than not, in a horror film beauty will have a part to play. And it’s at this time that the more visually alluring actors and actresses are called upon.

We’ve talked plenty about our women in horror before, from the Scariest Girlfriends to our favourite Scream Queens but we’ve never before compiled a list based on ‘hotness’.

Who’s the hottest?

Making such a list isn’t as easy as it might first seem.
It’s easy to pick out attractive actresses that have appeared in one or two horror films, but that doesn’t make you a horror woman. No, for that title you need to have shown that you have a real passion for the genre and to make an impact on it.
So without further ado, here’s our list of actresses that meet that criteria.

Top 10 Hot Horror Women

10 Jamie Lee Curtis

Here’s a blast from the past.
Jamie Lee Curtis’ place in the horror hall of fame will never be disputed thanks to her roles in various important 80’s horror films such as Halloween (1978) (plus sequels), The Fog (1980) and Prom Night (1980). Although it would seem that Jamie was originally chosen for roles for reasons other than her hotness, as she matured she blossomed – becoming a sex symbol in her own right.
There’s no doubt that she was one of the first and most influential scream queens and built up a huge fan base thanks to the killer combination of screen skills and good looks.

hot horror women Jamie Lee Curtis

9 MyAnna buring

MyAnna has kept a reasonably low profile until recently with a role in the last two Twilight instalments. But prior to that she worked hard on a glut of smaller British horror films, most notably Kill List, The Descent (and sequel) and even Lesbian Vampire Killers… Okay, not all horror as such, but still vampries right?
There’s no denying her desire to appear in darker films and there’s also no denying her attractiveness, she’s got that whole fiery Scandinavian thing going on.

hot horror women myanna buring

8 Melissa George

With a career that began in the Aussie soap, Home and Away, it was easy to assume that Melissa was destined to be typecast as a surfer chick. But thanks to her strong acting skills and a passion for horror, she has wowed and terrified us, starring in films such as A Lonely Place to Die, Triangle, 30 Days of Night and the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror.
Generally speaking, she’s great at playing the good looking girl who ain’t afraid to get her hands dirty. I like to think that she spends her spare time wrestling crocs for sport.

hot horror women melissa george

7 Radha Mitchell

Spookily, we move from one popular Australian soap to another. This time Neighbours was responsible for giving one young girl the break that she needed to strike fear into the hearts of horror fans (whilst also making them fancy her a little).
Radha fully launched her cinematic career with sci-horror Pitch Black before gripping us with appearances in films like Phone Booth and Visitors before taking a trip to the freaky Silent Hill. And she liked it so much, she stuck around for the sequel. Anyone who can look good in such a nightmarish world is a rare find.

hot horror women Radha Mitchell

6 Milla Jovovic

Do we need to say much to justify the inclusion of Milla in the list? This hot, athletic woman who takes pleasure in kicking serious zombie butt was one of the first names on the list. She’s kinda the Lara Croft of the horror world. Less Dora the Explorer and more fine tuned killing machine.
But it’s not only the ‘bad but great’ Resident Evil films that won our hearts. She’s also awesome in less machine-gunny films like Faces in The Crowd where she proves that she’s more than just a pretty face (and zombie killing machine).

hot horror women milla jovovic

5 Sarah Michelle Gellar

“What, Sarah-Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer-Gellar?!” I can hear it now. Readers across the world disagreeing with this choice. But give me a moment. This ‘hot’ woman (Maxim’s #5 hottest woman in 2008) has worked hard for horror. Even if her vampire slaying stuff was a bit tame. I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2, The Grudge, The Grudge 2 and The Return – she was there, getting scared and pleasing the viewers with her handsomeness.
And no, the ghost in the photo isn’t trying to grab her boob.

hot horror women Sarah Michelle Gellar

4 Mary Elizabeth Winstead

This pretty young lady seems to be everywhere recently. But she can attribute a fair amount of this fame to horror… Final Destination 3, Black Christmas (2006), The Thing (2011)… She is as tireless in working for the horror cause as she is pleasing to the eye. And what makes her worthy of being in our list of hot horror women? Well, Mary Elizabeth is also a self confessed horror fan and so is likely to tick all the boxes for all you love struck horror aficionados out there.

hot horror women Mary Elizabeth Winstead

3 Neve Campbell

Look, Scream was kind of a big deal and somehow managed to keep us entertained for four instalments. I guess the question is, who was more responsible for this? The legendary director, Wes Craven? Or the charismatic actress that is Neve Campbell playing the lead – Sidney Prescott? I like to think it’s the latter.
When she isn’t in a Scream movie, she’s getting adoration from various sources, appearing on People Magazine’s ’50 Most Beautiful People’ list; being ranked #3 in Empire’s 100 sexiest movie stars (1998) and being included in FHM’s ‘sexiest women in the world’ list in 1998 (#31), 1999 (#20), 2000 (#31) and 2001 (#42). And don’t let the dates throw you. She’s still got it going on.

hot horror women neve campbell

2 Kate Beckinsale

Speaking of ‘sexiest women’, Kate Beckinsale achieved that status in 2009 thanks to Esquire and its readers. But when Kate isn’t showcasing her jaw dropping beauty, she’s generally on screen dealing with vampires in one way or another. After dipping her toes in Underworld, she went on to star in one of the craziest (and as a result, very fun) horror legend mash-ups – Van Helsing, before restreating back to the Underworld and other less scary (sadly) Hollywood releases.

hot horror women Kate Bekinsale

1 Danielle Harris

Firstly, we should state that Danielle is, in essence, the daughter of Michael Myers. And thus, the fact that she’s great looking and has starred in a whole bunch of other horror films just builds on this terrifying foundation. Her IMDB profile reads like some kind of satanic incantation and she has even directed her own horror movies people. As if acting in them wasn’t enough.
But with looks that could kill and with her ancestry (fictional ancestry) Danielle Harris is without a dout the hottest horror woman right now.

hot horror women Danielle Harris

Coming soon: Top 10 Hot Horror Men…


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