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Top 10 Hot Horror Women

Women are important to horror and always have been, playing the antagonist, protagonist and all roles in between. And as much as acting ability and experience are important attributes, more often than not, in a horror film beauty will have a part to play. And it’s at this time that the more visually alluring actors […]Read More

10 Great Horror Movie Scream Queens

As Beyonce once sang 'who runs the horror world? Girls!' Okay, she didn't <em>exactly</em> say that, but looking at our favorite horror films we saw that the a scream queen is often a key element (usually carrying a kitchen knife). To celebrate this fact, we thought we would run down 10 of horror's greatest scream queens. Read More

Top 5 Horror Movie Heroines

Women are regularly typecast in horror. Often they are chosen for their looks and their character is purely eye candy, attracting the gaze of the male audience and squealing on command. Also, more often than not the woman is the victim, being endlessly pursued by a predator of some sort.Read More