Interview with Hayley-Marie Axe for May I Kill U?

The brilliant black horror comedy May I Kill U? which is out in selected cinemas now tells the tale of a psycho bicycle cop played brilliantly by Kevin Bishop, on a one man rampage to bring justice back to London streets any way possible. We where lucky enough to get to chat to Bishop’s lovely co-star Hayley-Marie Axe about making the movie, capital punishment and people stealing her dark Toblerone.

How did you get involved with May I Kill U?

Hayley-Marie Axe: I had met the casting director at a couple of workshops, so when I found out the casting director was looking for a 6’ foot actress to play Val I got in touch with him.

I believe this is your first feature film, what where the differences working on a movie from the work you had done on short films, TV and theatre?May I Kill U?

Hayley-Marie Axe: Playing a lead in a movie is different because you really get a chance to enjoy the role you’re playing; short films are just that, short. I love creating characters whether it is for stage or screen, and really a film is just a play for the screen.

The film is extremely dark with many scenes treading the fine line between making you cry with laughter and making you hide your eyes in fear, when you read the script what where your first impressions of it?

Hayley-Marie Axe: I really enjoyed it and could see myself playing Val straight away. I couldn’t wait to see it off the page.

You play Val a no nonsense bicycle ridding police officer, what preparation did you do for the role?

Hayley-Marie Axe: I got on my bike, practiced riding one handed, tried no hands too (but we won’t talk about that). I also spoke to a local female police officer who was very helpful.

Are you a fan of horror and what is your favorite horror film?

Hayley-Marie Axe: I am a horror fan, but I am not very good at watching them on my own. Carrie always sticks out in my mind.

Hayley-Marie Axe

All the performances are great especially from you and Kevin Bishop who stars as the central psychopathic policeman Baz. What was it like working with him and playing alongside such a crazy and conflicted character?

Hayley-Marie Axe: It was great working alongside Kevin, and he did a great job with Baz. I enjoyed the whole process from start to finish.

The film throws up some very complex moral dilemmas and questions, some of which Val and Baz discuss. What are your own personal views on some of the issues in May I Kill U? like for instance capital punishment and vigilante justice?

Hayley-Marie Axe: Well I wouldn’t necessarily say that capital punishment should be brought back in, but as Val would say it depends on the crime.

The writer and director Stuart Urban does a great job of filling the script and film with mentions of social media and its uses, both positive and negative via the mobile messages that appear on screen and the YouTube-alike page Baz posts his executions onto. Are you a lover of Twitter and Facebook yourself and what’s your take on our internet obsessed culture we currently live in?

Hayley-Marie Axe: Social media has become a necessary evil. We love it and hate it at the same time.

Hayley-Marie Axe

It’s rare that you see films with British police officers in uniform as the central characters as in May I Kill U? and Hot Fuzz. Why do you think there are so few British police films when there are so many American ones?

Hayley-Marie Axe: Who knows…your guess is as good as mine. We should make more.

What’s next for you, more horror I hope?

Hayley-Marie Axe: At the moment I am playing a baddie; a gladiator called Delilah Crunch in an action web-series I also have a few exciting film & TV projects in the pipeline so watch this space!

Finally what are your personal pet hates that would push you into going on a vigilante rampage like Baz does?

Hayley-Marie Axe: When men leave the toilet seat up, when the driver behind you on the motorway flashes you to move over, but there is so much traffic that they couldn’t go any faster if I moved anyway. When people eat the last dark Toblerone out of my Toblerone minis box even though they know they are my favourite.

Thank you so much and good luck with all your future projects.

Our review for May I Kill U? is right Here and May I Kill U? is out in selected cinemas now check Here for details and on DVD in Spring 2013


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