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Interview with Hayley-Marie Axe for May I Kill U?

The brilliant black horror comedy May I Kill U? which is out in selected cinemas now tells the tale of a psycho bicycle cop played brilliantly by Kevin Bishop, on a one man rampage to bring justice back to London streets any way possible. We where lucky enough to get to chat to Bishop’s lovely […]Read More

May I Kill U? (2012) Review

Policeman Baz, brilliantly played by Kevin Bishop, is a mild mannered bicycle bobby who spends his life cycling the London streets receiving nothing but grief and abuse. After being attacked at a local community meeting by some unruly youths, Baz undergoes a psychological change brought on by his injury. He changes from a brow beaten […]Read More


UK production company Cyclops Vision will begin principal photography today on dead-black comedy MAY I KILL U?, written and directed by the award-winning Stuart Urban, director of Revelation.Read More