Interview with Jennifer Blanc-Biehn for The Victim

The VictimActress Jennifer Blanc-Biehn has more than a little vested interest in The Victim. Not only does she star in and produce the movie, which is out 24th September, but she’s also married to the man behind it all Michael Biehn.
We asked her how it all happened and what was it like working with her husband on such a powerful project.

LoveHorrror: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. And let me say I thought your performance in The Victim was excellent.
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Thanks so much for that.

LoveHorror: How did you get involved in The Victim – apart from the obvious reason that your husband wrote and directed it?
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: I bought Michael the original story he wrote it from. I also helped find the money and of course loved the character.

LoveHorror: Did you help at all with the screenplay while Michael was writing it? And did you have any input into your character while it was being created?
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Yes, I did not write but I listened and added ideas.

LoveHorror: Although you have acted alongside him in past projects, was it strange being directed by him or did you get used to it pretty quickly?

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: I am used to him helping me with material, so I knew I was in great hands!

LoveHorror: You also produced The Victim. What exactly did that entail?
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Everything ha! Helping with cast and decision making and everything else really! My producing partner Lorna Paul rocks! Thank God.

LoveHorror: Has the experience made you want to branch into screenwriting or directing at all?
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Yes, for the first time I feel like I may want to try my hand at directing.

The Victim

LoveHorror: What’s next for you?
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: We have quite a slate lined up for BlancBiehn. Treachery is in post-production by writer/director Travis Romero and we have optioned Patricio Valledares’ film Hidden in the Woods as an English-language remake with Patricio directing. We will also be doing The Farm with Xavier Gens next year, along with Up and Down and The Predictor.

Also I just played a supporting role in Quentin Dupieux’s Wrong Cops with Marilyn Manson. Plus, I just did a camero in Black Butterflies by the same producer of The Woman. So very exciting!

LoveHorror: Indeed, good luck with it all!

The Victim is out 24th September. You can read our full review here and our Interview with Michael Biehn here.


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