Interview with Danielle Harris for The Victim

From Halloween 4 in 1988 to Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake in 2007 and right up to The Victim (released this week), Danielle Harris has worked in horror her entire career. We talk to her about working with Michael Biehn, being horror’s ‘Cult Queen’ and the best way to die on screen.

LoveHorror: You have been starring on screen since you where a child, getting your first role on a long running soap opera aged 8. How did you get into acting?

Danielle Harris: I actually started my career by doing beauty pageants at 5 years old and from there got recognized and signed to a modelling agency where I went on to do print and TV commercials.

LoveHorror: One of your early roles was as Jamie Lloyd Laurie’s daughter in Halloween 4 and 5. Did you ever expect to still be making horrors all these years later?

Danielle Harris: I cant believe that people still wanna talk about a movie I did 25 years ago!! I obviously had no idea what I was getting into at 10 years old.

LoveHorror: Although you didn’t reprise the role in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers you did go on to be in Rob Zombie’s reimagining of Halloween over a decade later. How did you get involved in the remakes and how would you compare working on the old and new Halloweens?

Danielle Harris: I auditioned for Rob Zombies Halloween because he was really opposed to bringing in anyone from any of the other series of films, so I got it the old fashioned way! I love what Rob did for the franchise. He pulled a drowning ship out of the water for sure!

LoveHorror: The Victim is a very different role to what you have played previously. How did your attachment to the project come about?

Danielle Harris: Jennifer and I have been friends for years, so when I found out that she and Michael were producing, starring and he was directing I wanted to be a part of their first project together.

Danielle Harris

LoveHorror: What was it like working with Michael Biehn who wrote, directed and stared in the movie? And was being directed by another actor easier than your other experiences on set?

Danielle Harris: He’s wonderful and I always prefer to be directed by an actor who is directing.

LoveHorror: The Victim premiered in the UK at this year’s FrightFest and you where here in 2010 with Hatchet 2. What did you think of the festival and the British horror fans?

Danielle Harris: I LOVE THE UK!!!! In fact I will be there this Halloween as a judge for the “MISTY MOON FILM FESTIVAL” and I’m stoked.

LoveHorror: You have starred in several different genres of horror from thrillers like The Victim, to slashers like Halloween and Urban Legends. Then to the brilliant apocalyptic vampire movie Stake Land. What horrors do you like best to work on and to watch?

Danielle Harris: I just like good movies. I love being a part of something creative, but some just come together better than others in the end.

The Victim

LoveHorror: Many critics and fans herald you as Horrors Cult Queen or a modern day Scream Queen. What do you think of these titles and do you enjoy all the attention from horror fans?

Danielle Harris: I am honoured to be given this title. I think it’s “killer!”

LoveHorror: You have some exciting horror projects coming up including Hatchet III, The Ghost of Goodnight Lane, Fatal Call and Hallows’ Eve to name a few. Can you tell us about them and what to expect?Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris: I take roles based on whether I’ve done a character like that before, so the girls I play in these films are all extremely different. I haven’t seen any of them yet, so I don’t really know what to expect!!

LoveHorror: And lastly, with all the horror’s you have been the victim in (including The Victim) what in your opinion is the best way to die on screen?

Danielle Harris: I hate dying on screen, but if I do I like it to drag out and leave the audience in suspense, like is she gonna pull through??!!! And then I die…

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