Film4 Frightfest the 13th – Main Screen Full Programme

FrightFest The 13th
With more films and more screens, Film4 Frightfest the 13th is going to be bigger, badder and bloodier than ever. We already took you through the listings for the Re-Discovery screen here. Now read on for the full programme to the Main Screen below.


OPENING FILM – 6.30 – The Seasoning House (World Premiere)

Film4 Frightfest the 13th
The Seasoning House

Special make-up prosthetics and splatter genius Paul Hyett makes his directorial debut with a harrowing exploration into tense claustrophobia, hard-hitting action and rollercoaster suspense. In a Balkan brothel, where girls kidnapped by soldiers in war-torn zones are prostituted to the military and civilians alike, Angel (Robin Day) is the deaf mute orphan enslaved to care for the inmates. But unbeknownst to her captors, she moves between the walls and crawlspaces of the seasoning house planning her escape. Psychological horror in the nerve-shredding Alfred Hitchcock and Roman Polanski style but with an ultra-modern twist.

89 mins Director: Paul Hyett UK 2012
Rosie Day – Angel
Sean Pertwee – Goran
Kevin Howarth – Viktor
David Lemberg – Dimitri
Dominique Provost-Chalkley – Vanya

9.00 – Cockneys vs. Zombies (World Premiere)
Geezer Gore comes to FrightFest in an ultra-splatter comedy horror director Matthias Hoene calls “EVIL DEAD 2 meets WITHNAIL & I”. Just as brothers Terry and Andy Macguire decide to rob a bank, workers on a Docklands building site uncover a burial ground sealed up in 1666. However some of the corpses aren’t Brown Bread at all and before you know it London’s East End is infested with hungry zombies. Can the two dodgy Hamptons get to the Bow Bells Care Home run by their granddad in time to rescue all the Raspberry Ripples under siege with only their Zimmer frames and wheelchairs to kick some zombie Khyber Pass? Would you Adam and Eve it!

Film4 Frightfest tthe 13th
Cockneys vs. Zombies

88 mins Director: Matthias Hoene UK 2012
Rasmus Hardiker – Terry Macguire
Harry Treadaway – Andy Macguire
Alan Ford – Ray Macguire
Honor Blackman – Peggy
Richard Briers – Hamish

11.15 – Grabbers (London Preview)
The day after a meteor lands in the ocean and a group of fisherman go missing, Garda Lisa Nolan and Garda Ciarán O’Shea start investigating strange occurrences happening around the remote fishing community, Pretty soon it becomes clear their quiet enclave is under attack by an alien invasion and all the space monsters need to survive are blood and water. Then it’s discovered that a high blood alcohol level will kill the nasty intergalactic creatures. Realizing their only weapon is booze, the entire village gathers in the pub to get smashed and prepare for battle. It’s ‘Father Ted’ vs. ALIENS in this Sundance Film Festival favourite.

94 mins Director: Jon Wright UK/Ireland 2012
Richard Coyle – Ciarán O’Shea
Ruth Bradley – Lisa Nolan
Russell Tovey – Dr Adam Smith
Lalor Roddy – Paddy Barrett
David Pearse – Brian Maher



10.00 – Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut (UK Premiere)

Film4 Frightfest the 13th

Ever since it was first released, Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED has been subject to much debate with stories of missing scenes, lost footage and special edition releases. Then two European work prints were discovered containing additional sequences thought irretrievably lost. Now, working from Barker’s original script, that footage from those two existing work prints, plus the Warner Bros DVD, has been integrated into the 1990 theatrical version of NIGHTBREED to create ‘The Cabal Cut’. Film4 FrightFest is proud to present a unique opportunity to see Clive Barker’s true vision comes to light for the very first time in the most complete version.

145 mins Director: Clive Barker UK 1990/2012
Craig Sheffer – Boone
Anne Bobby – Lori
David Cronenberg – Decker
Charles Haid – Eigerman
Hugh Quarshie – Joyce

1.20 – Total Film Icon Interview DARIO ARGENTO + MOVIE (To Be Announced!)

3.50 – Hidden In The Woods (UK Premiere)
This raw slice of demented energy. Inspired by true events, is the terrifying story of two sisters raised in forest isolation and subjected to torments from their abusive drug dealer father. When they finally report him, he chainsaws the two investigating cops to death and is jailed before he can tell psychotic drug lord Costello the exact location of his remaining stash. So Costello sends violent henchmen to find the missing merchandise hidden somewhere in the woods. Reaching heights of deranged frenzy unlike anything seen before, director Patricio Valladares is yet another exciting talent to emerge from the current hotbed of South American horror.

97 mins Director: Patricio Valladares Chile 2012
Siboney Lo – Ana
Carolina Escobar – Anny
Daniel Antivilo – Felipe
Jose Hernandez – Manuel
Serge Francois Soto – Costello

Film4 Frightfest the 13th6.15 – V/H/S (UK Premiere)
This must-see horror hit from the Sundance Film Festival 2012 is a terrifying anthology pushing the genre in a fresh direction. Six bizarre tapes: Six horrific stories: Six acclaimed directors. When a group of sleazy misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burgle a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS, they discover more found footage than they bargained. A gruesome and twisted blast of sickness from the collective minds of Adam Wingard (YOU’RE NEXT), Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD), Radio Silence (THE TELEPORTER), David Bruckner (THE SIGNAL), Joe Swanberg (SILVER BULLET) and Ti West (THE INNKEEPERS),

115 mins Directors: Adam Wingard, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence, David Bruckner, Joe Swanberg, Ti West USA 2012
Calvin Reeder – Gary
Lane Hughes – Brad
Adam Wingard – Rock
Hannah Fierman – Lily
Mike Donlan – Shane

9.15 – [Rec]³ Génesis (UK Premiere)
The [REC] myth gets brilliantly expanded by director Paco Plaza in this gruesomely hilarious second sequel in the groundbreaking Spanish zombie franchise. Unfolding in parallel to events of the previous two episodes, Clara and Koldo are celebrating their lavish wedding day at a posh Barcelona mansion when all hell breaks loose during the reception disco. Separated from each other the newlyweds must endure the rabid madness with chainsaws, suits of armour, swords and food blenders to reunite for the sweetest, and nastiest, shock twist. Plaza’s romantic flair and fairytale feel refreshes the flesh-eating saga with a devious dexterity.

80 mins Director: Paco Plaza Spain 2012
Leticia Dolera – Clara
Diego Martin – Koldo
Ismael Martinez – Rafa
Alex Monner – Adrian
Claire Baschet – Natalie

[REC] Genesis
[REC] 3 Genesis
11.30 – Stitches (UK Premiere)
Starring funny man Ross Noble, it’s the black comedy horror to leave you in STITCHES. Get ready for a Coulrophobic’s delight as DEAD MEAT director Conor McMahon sends in the clowns for red nosed murderous mischief. Jaded Richard Grindle is the sleaziest clown in Ireland. Arriving late to one birthday, a prank goes horribly wrong – he falls on a kitchen knife and goes to that Big Top in the sky. Years later, the same nasty kids attend another more grown up bash. Little do they know that Stitches will be the uninvited guest of honour, seeking revenge on those responsible for his untimely death.

85 mins Director: Conor McMahon Ireland 2012
Ross Noble – Richard Grindle
Tommy Knight –
Gemma Leah Devereaux – Kate
Eoghan McQuinn – Richie
Lorna Dempsey – Mary



ROME ARMED TO THE TEETH, MILAN CALIBRE 9 and, HOW TO KILL A JUDGE…just three of the hundreds of ‘poliziotteschi’ movies the Italian Film Industry churned out during the turbulent 1970s. Rushed production methods meant superstars Franco Nero, Richard Harrison, and Maurizio Merli performing their own stunts, directors stealing shots and a bleed-over between real crime torn from newspaper headlines and violent movie action. Here those once involved in the genre paint a brilliant picture of all that madness and mayhem in this lucidly explained visually dynamic documentary packed with clips and poster artwork.

127 mins Director: Mike Malloy USA 2012
Franco Nero
Enzo G. Castellari
Henry Silva
Richard Harrison
John Saxon

12.45 – Outpost II: Black Sun (UK Premiere)Outpost II: Black Sun
During the 1945 endgame of World War II, German scientist Klausener worked on frightening new technology with the power to create an immortal Nazi army. Now a NATO task force is deployed to Eastern Europe to uncover what sinister enemy exactly appears to be mercilessly killing everything in its path. It soon becomes clear that what they are facing is no ordinary foe. Only Lena, a gutsy investigator on the trail of notorious war criminal Klausener, can accept the reality of what they are up against – a battalion of living dead Nazi Storm Troopers.

90 mins Director: Steve Barker UK 2012
Richard Coyle – Wallace
Catherine Steadman – Lena
Ali Craig – Hall
Nick Nevern – Carlisle
Daniel Caltagirone – Macavoy

3.15 – Paura 3D (UK premiere)
From Manetti Bros. who brought their acclaimed sci-fi horror L’ARRIVO DI WANG to FrightFest Glasgow, comes a new dimension in visual sensation – abject Fear in 3D! When mechanic Ale overhears a conversation between a wealthy customer and the garage owner, he knows what he and his two best mates are going to do for the next few days. For Marquis Lanzi wants his car serviced while he goes on a short holiday and before long the trio move into his Rome villa intent on having a wild weekend in total luxury. But something is about to happen that will change their lives forever. Tender and savage, shocking and brutal, Manetti Bros. pile on the Fear Factor.

104 mins Directors: Manetti Bros. Italy 2012
Peppe Servillo – Marchese Lanzi
Francesca Cuttica – Sabrina
Lorenzo Pedrotti – Simone
Domenico Diele – Ale
Claudio Di Biagio – Marco

6.15 – Under The Bed (European Premiere)
From Steven C. Miller, director of THE AGRESSION SCALE, comes a supernatural suburban nightmare. Neal Hausman knew there was something under the bed. but no one believed him until his mother lost her life in the resulting conflagration. Sent to stay with an aunt in Florida while his father got over the tragedy, now Neal has come back home. However what was under the bed is still there, still angry and has set it’s malevolent sights on his younger brother Paulie. Can Neal convince his family there really is something evil lurking in the netherworld under his bed? Or will he be forever condemned to wake up screaming?

90 mins Director: Steven C. Miller USA 2012
Jonny Weston – Neal Hausman
Gattlin Griffith – Paulie Hausman
Peter Holden – Terry Hausman
Musetta Vander – Angela Hausman
Kelcie Stranahan – Cara Evans

Film4 Frightfest the13th

9.00 – Tulpa (World Premiere)
Giallo returns to the Italian cinema fore in a sensational new horror thriller from spaghetti superstar Federico (SHADOW) Zampaglione. Meet Lisa Boeri, the ultimate driven professional at the top of her corporate game. But by night Lisa frequents the notorious Club Tulpa, owned by a mysterious Tibetan guru. There, unshackled from repression and guilt, Lisa will do anything with any stranger to attain a higher Zen consciousness. Suddenly her lovers start getting murdered in shocking ways. Lisa can’t go to the police because of the scandal impacting on her day job. So she tries to unmask the anonymous assassin herself… with truly nightmare consequences.

90 mins Director: Federico Zampaglione Italy 2012
Claudia Gerini – Lisa Boeri
Michele Placido – Roccaforte
Nuot Arquint – Kiran
Michela Cescon- Giovanna
Ennio Tozzi – Ferri

11.30 – Maniac (UK Premiere)
Just when the downtown Los Angeles streets seemed safe, a serial killer with a fetish for scalps is back on the hunt. Frank is the withdrawn owner of a mannequin store, but his life changes when young artist Anna appears asking for his help with her new photo exhibition. As their friendship develops and Frank’s obsession escalates, it becomes clear she has unleashed a long-repressed compulsion to stalk and kill. From producers/writers Alexander Aja and Gregory Levasseur (SWITCHBLADE ROMANCE, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, MIRRORS, PIRANHA) and director Franck Khalfoun (P2), comes the remake of the year – a superior psychological horror with a nerve-shredding Argento tribute score.

90 mins Director: Franck Khalfoun FRANCE/USA 2012Film4 Frightfest the 13th
Elijah Wood – Frank
Nora Arnezeder – Anna
Liane Balaban – Judy
Morganne Slemp – Jenna
Genevieve Alexandra – Jessica



10.30 – The Thompsons (UK Premiere)
THE HAMILTONS are back. Under their new name The Thompsons, the cursed blood-drinkers are looking for another vampire clan who can help them survive. After causing a bloodbath in America they end up in England and their quest leads to the quaint village of Ludlow where the Stuart family say they will help. But soon Francis Hamilton suspects the Stuarts may have a hidden agenda behind their kindness. An epic battle between the two clans is inevitable but who is strong enough to emerge the victors? The Butcher Brothers follow up their award-winning original horror with a high-octane shocktastic sequel to meet all your bloodthirsty needs.

84 mins Directors: The Butcher Brothers USA 2012
Cory Knauf – Francis Hamilton
Samuel Child – David Hamilton
Elizabeth Henstridge – Riley Stuart
Daniel O’Meara – Father Stuart
Mackenzie Firgens – Darlene Hamilton

Full details and listings of the Short Film Showcase can be found Here

It has now become an annual tradition so please put your hands together for the third year running for the star of our quiz show, Andy Nyman. The busy actor is currently wowing West End audiences in the smash hit play ‘Abigail’s Party’ but has taken time off again to ask such penetrating questions as “What 3D fantasy did Oscar-winner Anne Bancroft star in?”, and that’s one of the easy posers. The FrightFest Quiz has the reputation of being one of the hardest to enter, but we know our audience is cleverer than most and will always rise to the challenge. Good luck!
90 mins

Film4 FrightFest the 13th3.50 – Sleep Tight (UK Premiere)
[REC] director Jaume Balaguero says “Hola Hitchcock” in this darkly unsettling psychological horror thriller. Unassuming Cesar is janitor at an upscale apartment block in Barcelona. However, his quiet politeness hides a much more sinister personality. His current obsession is Clara, the new cheerful tenant on the fifth floor. At night when Clara is fast asleep, Cesar sneaks into her flat – and bed – to appease his twisted fantasies. Provocative and intense, with Spanish superstar Luis Tosar delivering a sensationally disturbing performance, the growing tension, clever twists and startling chills will keep you biting your nails.

102 mins Director: Jaume Balaguero Spain 2011
Luis Tosar – Cesar
Marta Etura – Clara
Alberto San Juan – Marcos
Iris Ameida – Ursula
Petra Martinez – Veronica

6.30 – Berberian Sound Studio (London Preview)
It’s 1976 and Gilderoy, an introverted sound engineer from Dorking, goes to Italy to work on a horror film Only the cheapest, nastiest and most abhorred films pass through the run-down Berberian Sound Studio doors and in this alien environment Gilderoy composes bloodcurdling sounds from ingenious improvised sources. But soon life begins to imitate art as both time and realities begin to shift – and Gilderoy finds himself lost in an otherworldly spiral of on screen witchcraft, off-screen sexual intrigue. From Peter Strickland (director of KATALIN VARGA) comes an evocative celebration of the Italian horror genre and a brilliant soundtrack by Broadcast.

Film4 FrightFest the 13th
Berberian Sound Studio

95 mins Director: Peter Strickland UK 2012
Toby Jones – Gilderoy
Tonia Sotiropoulou – Elena
Susanna Cappellaro – Veronica
Cosimo Fusco – Francesco
Eugenia Caruso – Claudia

9.00 – Sinister (UK Premiere)
True crime writer Ellison Oswald has made a career out of exposing police mistakes and now he’s investigating a shocking small-town death by moving into the house where it took place. But strange occurrences start happening and Ellison becomes convinced the figure he sees lurking in some old home movies he discovers is the ancient occult ‘eater of children’ demon. The scares are not just intense but unyielding in this compelling horror yarn from THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE director Scott Derrickson. And Ethan Hawke shines as the agonized writer whose deteriorating state of his mind shatters everything he holds dear.

Director: Scott Derrickson USA 2012
Ethan Hawke – Ellison
Vincent D’Onofrio – Professor Jonas
Juliet Rylance – Tracey
Fred Dalton Thomspon – Sheriff
James Ransone – Deputy

Film4 FrightFest the 13th11.15 – Dead Sushi (European Premiere)
When Keiko is disowned by her sushi chef father, she finds work in a resort hotel catering to the up-market business sector. But when a party from a nearby pharmaceuticals research facility check in, little do they know a former crazed employee is about to take his revenge. For he infects the fish being prepared for a lavish meal and Keiko and the sexy staff must fight off an onslaught of razor-toothed sushi, demented squid and a California roll battleship. Beware the yolk kiss and you might learn the right way to eat sushi properly in this absolutely hilarious sashimi shocker.

91 mins Director: Noboru Iguchi Japan 2012
Rina Takeda – Keiko
Shigeru Matsuzaki – Sawada
Kentaro Shimazu – Yamada
Kanji Tsuda – Tsuchida
Asami – Yumi



11.00 – American Mary (World Premiere)Film4 FrightFest the 13th
After giving the world DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, the irrepressible Soska sisters unleash AMERICAN MARY. Starring Katharine Isabelle (GINGER SNAPS), this metaphor for the Soskas own journey through the independent film industry follows medical student Mary Mason as she becomes increasingly broke and disenchanted. The allure of easy money sends Mary into the twilight world of body modification and underground surgeries where obsessed flesh artists will pay anything and go through any pain to get their unusual procedures done. But Mary soon finds that her new ‘profession’ leaves more marks on her own psyche than on her freakish clientele.

100 mins Directors: Jen & Sylvia Soska Canada 2012
Katharine Isabelle – Mary Mason
Julia Maxwell – Tessa
Antonio Cupo – Billy Barker
Paul Anthony – Rat
Paula Lindberg – Ruby RealGirl

1.30 – After (UK Premiere)
Two bus crash survivors awake in hospital to discover they are the only people left alive. As a dark fog advances towards their small town they form an unlikely alliance to unravel the truth behind their sinister isolation. With strange events beginning to unfold and happenings beyond their imagination taking place, they start to question whether the town they knew so well before their shocking accident is really what it seems. Especially when they must escape the ravenous creatures concealed within the foreboding mist. A powerful ode to the human spirit, told with beauty, grace, chills and monsters by promising director Ryan Smith.

90 mins Director: Ryan Smith USA 2012
Steven Strait – Freddy
Karolina Wydra – Ana
Sandra Ellis Lafferty – Aunt Lu
Ric Reitz – Doctor

Film4 FrightFest the 13th3.15 – Chained (UK Premiere)
A trip to the movies becomes a nightmare for Sarah and her young son Tim. For they are kidnapped by Bob, a deranged taxi driver, and taken to his remote home. There the nine-year-old sees his mother murdered – but it isn’t the last slaughter he witnesses. For Bob enslaves Tim, chains him up and forces him to bury his victims’ bodies. As years go by, Tim is allowed some freedom only if he turns killer himself. Now the reluctant protégé must make a choice between following in Bob’s bloody footsteps or breaking free. Jennifer Chambers Lynch’s uncompromising and dark chiller is one of the best films of the year,

98 mins Director: Jennifer Chambers Lynch USA 2012
Vincent D’Onofrio – Bob
Eamon Farren – Rabbit
Julia Ormond – Sarah Fittler
Jake Weber – Brad Fittler
Conor Leslie – Angie

6.15 – The Possession (European Premiere)
From two acclaimed masters of horror – producer Sam Raimi (EVIL DEAD,) and director Ole Bornedal (NIGHTWATCH), comes a terrifying true story of how a family must unite in order to survive the wrath of an unspeakable and malicious evil. Divorced Clyde and Stephanie Brenek see little cause for alarm when their youngest daughter Em becomes oddly obsessed with an antique wooden box covered with arcane Hebrew inscriptions she purchased at a yard sale. But as Em’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic the couple fears the presence of a malevolent force in their midst,

90 mins Director Ole Bornedal USA 2012
Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Clyde Brenek
Kyra Sedgwick – Stephanie Brenek
Natasha Calis – Em
Madison Davenport – Hannah
Grant Show – Brett
Jackson Walker – Phil

Film4 FrightFest the 13th
Tower Block

CLOSING MOVIE – 9.00 – Tower Block (World Premiere)
The tower block was first built for affordable living after World War II. Communities welcomed them until they deteriorated, and became breeding grounds for crime and violence. Redevelopers took over, knocking them down. Now it’s the turn of Serenity House to be demolished. And the top floor residents are the final people left to be re-housed. But something is about to happen that will make the tenants sitting targets for a psychopathic sniper. With all the lifts booby-trapped, every exit obstructed, the mysterious killer has thought of everything. This rousing, riveting British thriller is high on tension, scares and nastily effective splatter chaos.

87 mins Directors: James Nunn & Ronnie Thompson UK 2012
Sheridan Smith – Becky
Russell Tovey – Paul
Jack O’Connell – Kurtis
Ralph Brown – Neville
Jill Baker – Violet

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