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In part two of our Deadheads interview extravaganza we talk to Ross Kidder who plays Brent, Mike’s wing man on his journey across America to find the one closest to his black, decaying heart…

Q: So, what role does your character Brent Guthrie have to play in Mike Kellerman’s adventure?

A: Brent is the ying to Mike’s yang. His sense of adventure Brent Ross Kidder Deadheads interviewand optimism gives Mike the confidence to take the biggest risk of his “undead” life… Brent pushes Mike to man up and create his own destiny!!

Q: Was accepting a lead zombie role in Deadheads a ‘no-brainer’?

A: Haha. I auditioned a couple times for Deadheads, and there was defnitely nothing like it I had ever read. There was something that made me really identify with the character or Brent. The possibilities of fully developing him as a character in this epic throwback adventure sounded like a challenge to me.

Q: Some would say that you make being a zombie look good. How do you do it?

A: Well… (chuckle). Optimism and sheer positive energy my friend. It shines through and makes my eyes shimmer and my smile contagious. haha.

Q: How long did it take for the make-up guys to zombify you?

A:It started out being an hour and a half to two hours a day…. then Patrick and Chappy (amazing makeup effects guys) got it down to just under an hour. that was one of the best parts of starting my day on set… I would drink coffee and me and Mike would be sitting next to each other talking about everything under the moon with the effects guys.

Q: You’ve had horror roles in the past, how did this prepare you for Deadheads?

A: Well, I’ve died a couple times…. in movies. I’ve been strangled to death, my neck has been slit, and I was in a horrible car crash. It’s been tragic. So, when Deadheads came along, I got the opportunity to put a less severe take on death and instead think of death as an opportunity.

Q: Did you and Michael McKiddy have to do a lot of male bonding to get into the roles?

A:Yeah. We started with a bottle of Jack Daniels, and moved onto brushing each other’s hair and painting our nails. Ha ha.
I love Mike. He’s one of my good friends now.

Mike Brent Deadheads interview

Photos by Keven Carter, Car-N-Art

Q: And what did you like most about the fnished product?

A: Watching other peoples reaction to this flick. I tell you what, since this festival run has started for Deadheads, I’ve had the opportunity to be in sold out theaters watching Deadheads… And the amount of laughter and energy is really awesome. It’s a crowd pleaser…. and I’m so proud of it.

Q: Have you ever had to go out of your way to help a friend re-kindle their love?

A: In fifth grade I gave Cindy Lane a note from my friend Sean Delaney to ask her if there was any hope of being boyfriend/girlfriend.

Q: If there was a zombie outbreak tomorrow, how would you survive?

A: Guns and Ammo. I would take my wife up to the Piute Mountain Range right outside the Mojave Dessert and set up camp. Its literally in the middle of nowhere and I’ve got a lot of Armageddon-ready friends and relatives that are ready for it.

Q: What scares you most?

A: Aliens. Owl Eyes.

Q: If you could play a lead role in a classic horror remake, what would it be?

A: The Shining is my favorite movie of all time… But I don’t think they are going to remake that any time soon…. Jekyll and Hyde maybe… Swamp Thing. Ha ha.

Q: Did working on Deadheads give you any kind of insight into the zombie mind (or lack thereof)?

A: Zombies have feelings too!! Ha ha… that should be a bumper sticker.
Zombies want to eat people no matter who they are. Unless your half dead (like my character and mikes..) than we actually make quite entertaining company.

Q: So how about a zombie pop quiz to test that knowledge?

A: Sure thing!!


Zombie Pop quiz

Q: So you’re a zombie and living on your own. Which animal do you think would make the best zombie pet?

A: A rabbit.. cause they multiply fast and you could eat the offspring.

Q: You’re bitten and wake up as a zombie. What’s the first thing that you go out and do?


Q: Your best friend ends up being a zombie. Would you kill him, contain him or join him?

A: I’m gonna have to go with the “Shaun of the Dead” reference and say I would contain him. In a shed. Next to my lawnmower. I would get him a pet rabbit.

Ross Kidder Brent Deadheads movie

Q: Are you looking forward to the premiers?

A: Heck yeah!!!! Every time people see it they freak out and I love it. A true indie film at its finest.

Q: You’ve walked the earth as a zombie… What now?

A: More movies!!!! I’m scheduled to work on a crime drama in the beginning of the fall (another amazing death scene) and possibly a flick in my home state MI by end of fall.

Don’t forget, the premier of Deadheads at Frightfest will be showing on Monday August 29th.

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