Junkfood Horrorfest (2011) Review

Scarlet Fry’s Junkfood Horrorfest begins with a girl looking to score dope. But she opens the brown paper bag containing the drugs, there’s a videotape inside. Obviously she’s not happy with this as she was expecting to get high. So she goes back to ask for her money but before the dealer has a chance to give it to her she batters him with a crowbar.
Covered in blood she makes her way to her friend’s and asks him if he would like to watch a video….

Scarlet Fry is an undead hillbilly with many tales to tell. In fact he has 6 twisted tales that will turn your stomach and send you ‘crying for your Momma’.

junkfood horrorfest 2011 movie
Watching Chemical Burn films may well make your eyes bleed!

1. Blood Thirsty Butcher
Jack is starving. He has no food in his house at all. But rather than go shopping at the local grocery store, he’d prefer to mutilate a neighbour and eat them instead. Jack spies on the lady next door, Betty, going to do her laundry and decides to join her. Soon she wishes that all she had to worry about was the spin cycle.
He starts some chitchat with her and before you know it Betty is in his apartment expecting lunch. Betty you ARE lunch girl!

2. The Solution
This tells the tale of a demented nurse who doesn’t seem to enjoy her occupation. She is devoid of feelings and wishes she was somewhere else rather than force feeding the elderly gentleman she cares for. They are being followed by an assassin. What are his motives and why is he following a nurse and her geriatric patient.

3. Griptape Spank
Three skater dudes want weed, but don’t have enough money to buy it. Needing $5 they find someone who can provide the solution to their monetary woes offering them $30. The answer to their problems. Believe me, if I had to do what these dudes have to do to get some green, I certainly would not want to partake of the weed! Donnie’s friends taunt him way too much, calling him a faggot and he decides to end his special arrangement, but has he been driven too far by the taunting?

junkfood horrorfest film 2011

4. Wasted Life
And what waste of life. A man is so bored of life that he decides to have a nice tidy up and then kill himself in the bath. That’s about it.

5. The Devil Made Me Do It
I’ve often made this statement when I’ve been caught in uncompromising situations, or when having my house raided by the feds are looking for missing girls in the area (they never check under the patio, the fools). Anyway, I digress.
A man performs a satanic ritual only to be caught doing so by his girlfriend. She has had enough of this behaviour, which seems to be a hobby of his (why not take up Pilates instead?). She decides that the only way out is to shoot him down. Does she succeed in ending the relationship? Or does she only take the relationship to new, horrible heights?

6. Love Is Blind
A couple are driving along the freeway when the girlfriend decides to announce the happy news that she may be pregnant. Sadly her boyfriend isn’t very happy about this and denies being the father. Feeling it best he cools off, she advises him she will return tomorrow.
But when she returns, she has a surprise for him. It’s one he’ll never forget.

junkfood horrorfest scarlet

Junkfood Horrorfest isn’t a bad film, but I just wish that some of the tales were fleshed out more. Seemingly due to budget constraints, some tales don’t really explain the reasoning behind the actions of the characters.
My favourite tales out of the six are Blood Thirsty Butcher, Griptape Spank and Love is Blind. Love is Blind is a particularly nasty tale and well worth watching on it’s own.
If you like your low budget horror and you are happy to accept that the film will lack glitz and glamour, then I would recommend that you rent/purchase Junkfood Horrorfest.
Also, as an added bonus you get the classic movie Carnival Of Souls, Horrorama, trailers and bloopers too.

Brian Crow and Scarlet Fry have done a pretty good job given their budget (literally no budget) and should be commended for that alone.
This is one to watch if you like your horror cheap and nasty!

Movie Rating: ★

★ ½ ☆ ☆ 



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