The Possession Interview with Medium Emma Toynbee

Emma ToynbeeAs The Possession tears up cinemas across the UK we thought it was time to see how real all this talk of demons and Dybbuk Boxes really. We tracked down real life medium, Emma Toynbee and asked her how we could avoid invoking a demon and ending up vomiting pea soup.

Emma’s specific areas of expertise include psychic mediumship, psychic tarot card reading, psychometry, and remote viewing all of which made her perfect to debunk the demons for us.

LoveHorror: How real is the threat of demonic possession?

Emma Toynbee: Not real at all, the concept of ‘possession’ is loosely based on trance mediumship, which is a very delicate and difficult process to sustain.

LoveHorror: Have you witnessed a possession first hand?

Emma Toynbee: No, only personality trance mediumship, whereby a person/personality imprints itself onto a medium. It’s rare to find truly authentic trance mediums too, with most it is partially authentic, but you can tell by the tone of their guidance whether what they are saying is truly of a higher consciousness, or just their own fear-based thoughts or ego talking.

LoveHorror: There have been lots of horror films based on possession. Which of those that you’ve seen give the most accurate portrayal of one?

Emma Toynbee: None of them, apart from the feature film about the life of the Dalai Lama. I think the film is called Kundun. It’s the most realistic reenactment of a traditional trance state, i.e. of the Tibetan culture, that I have seen. Some cultural traditions, like the Tibetans and Hispanic traditions, like to make a bit of a song and dance with their trance mediumship- which has a bit more entertainment value than the reserved way we Brits have always done it.

LoveHorror: Is watching a ritual or incantation in a horror film on your TV as dangerous as performing one in person?

Emma Toynbee: Ritual and incantation are magical terms, which has little to do with trance mediumship per se. However, you do get some folk who make a pretty wicked combination of these things i.e. Aleister Crowley, but most folk who are interested in these things are working from an ego stroking perspective i.e. wanting to make themselves all powerful and I am more holier than thou. These types don’t get very far, and only tend to make themselves more unhappy than they already are.

The Possession

LoveHorror: Can you give us some tips on how to avoid being possessed?

Emma Toynbee: As a medium myself, I think that if you have the ability to sustain a deep enough trance state to become ‘possessed’ you are very luckily, most trance mediums in my field train for decades to be able to reach that level of practice, where they can channel a spirit and be completely pure and impartial in the delivery of the information they receive i.e. they don’t let there own thoughts intervene.

The Possession is out now check the site out Here. You can read our review right here: The Possession (2012) Review.

For booking enquiries into psychic mediumship readings, remote viewing, psychic tarot, or yoga, tuition and events please telephone you can contact Emma via email [email protected] For more details on her classes, courses, workshops and retreats you can join her Meetup group:Psychic Mediumship Development


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