Win a poster of Genocidal Organ and a copy of the paperback too!

Genocidal Organ is in cinemas nationwide 12th July from Anime Ltd and National Amusements

An uncompromising examination of the human condition against the backdrop of ultra-violence, Genocidal Organ is a thought-provoking thrill ride from one of Japan’s greatest sci-fi minds. A definite staple for science fiction and anime fans alike.

When Bosnia’s capital fell victim to a nuclear attack, the western world transformed into a series of surveillance states in the name of counterterrorism. Developing nations however, have become embroiled in an alarming number of genocidal civil wars, with one person curiously at the centre: the American John Paul (Takahiro Sakurai).

Clavis Shephard (Yuichi Nakamura), a U.S. intelligence officer, leads the charge in an expedition to bring down the “King of Genocides” across a world where hell isn’t what you see or do, but what you can never forget.

To be in with a chance of winning 1 poster of Genocidal Organ and 1 copy of Project Itoh / Genocidal Organ on Paperback all you need to do is answer the question below:
In Genocidal Organ which countries capital is destroyed in a nuclear attack?
A/ France
B/ Bosnia
C/ Germany
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