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Curated Online Anime Film Festival Now Live

Launched on Monday 25th May 2020, Screen Anime is a brand new online film festival from Anime Limited offering a curated selection of four films, one bingeable TV series and many more unique benefits each month for only £3.98/mo or for a reduced £39.98/yr.Read More


The battle for humanity’s survival continues as the epic anime adventure ATTACK ON TITAN SEASON 2 which just arrived on DVD, Blu-ray™ and Limited Edition Blu-ray™ on February 26, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. With an all new 12-episode season, the struggles become more personal and the secrets of not only the Titans, but […]Read More

100 Pages of Horror – Ghost in the Shell By

Having been a huge fan of anime when it was launched on the unsuspecting United Kingdom in the early 90’s by Manga Entertainment I spent my teenage years watching bike chasses through Neo-Tokyo, head exploding fist fights and tentacles going places they really shouldn’t go. The one film I never saw during this heady period […]Read More

Ghost in the Shell (2017) Review

Considering in my youth I was a massive Anime fan it was only in April of this year and only because of being part of the Science Fiction Rating System Podcast I finally saw Mamoru Oshii’s amazing original 1995 film Ghost in the Shell. I loved it (you can hear all about it HERE) and […]Read More