Mongolian Death Worm Competition

The Mongolian Death Worm is a legendary monster that is reported to exist in the Gobi desert.

It’s no wonder then that some bright spark Mongolian Death Wormsaw an opportunity to make a film about this curious creature.

The tale begins when an American oil company sets up a drilling plant in Death Worm country (although they don’t know it at the time). In doing so, they disturb a nest of the slithering killers.
Before long these deadly worms spread and devour everyone in their path. The only hope is treasure hunter/adventure seeker Daniel, who is searching for an acient tomb, said to be protected by these monsters. He plans to kill the worms, save everyone and find his treasure – but will he succeed?

If you want to check out the Death Worms for yourself, just enter our competition to win the film on region 2 DVD.


Which of these is another horror film about giant killer worms?

A: Tremblers

B: Tremors

C: Wobblers


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Mongolian Death Worm is out to buy now on DVD courtesy of Lionsgate home entertainment.


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