Melvin (2009) Review

Melvin is a nerd. Possibly one of the nerdiest nerds you can get. He’s your typical dork, doing homework for girls in the unbelievable attempt of hoping for a date.

In the process he gets picked melvin film 2009on by virtually all of his school mates.
He even gets picked on by his sister’s boyfriend.

Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, he has an “accident” and dies. Rising from the dead, Melvin enlists the help of Norton Pincus, a nerdy college student who also happens to have a major crush on his sister. What follows can only be described as the most amazing show of blood, guts and decapitation ever witnessed in a low budget horror, as Melvin and Norton wreck havoc wherever they go.
No one is safe regardless of whether they caused Melvin’s “accident” or not!

Watching the film, it’s easy for the viewer to feel a lot of pity for Melvin’s character and Norton too – who appears to be in a similar situation to Melvin.
Throughout the film Norton is put into situations he doesn’t want to face, even when things appear relatively calm around him. He wakes from dreams only to have to rush to the bathroom and spit up tons of blood. What is happening with Norton and why is this happening to him?

Melvin movie 2009

Melvin is great fun to watch and for a film with virtually no budget (estimated at $1,000 via IMDB) it has plenty of jokes, babes, guts and gore.
Henry Weintraub has directed a surprisingly good film on literally peanuts. The locations are great, the script is great, basically everything is great. I absolutely love the huge amounts of blood – which spurt out regularly. I have to commend the production team for the effects and make up, as with such a minuscule budge, they have achieved great things.
There is a lot about Melvin to be impressed by. I’m sure there are directors out there who’ve had at least 10 times more resources at their disposal but haven’t been able to get near this kind of quality.

melvin low budget horror 2009

The cast are also excellent, and worthy of note in particular are the performances from Patrick O’Driscoll (Norton), Leif Fuller (Melvin) and Lilly Maher (Wendy). Also there is a star turn from absolute Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman. He plays Charlie Watkins in the film within a film The Night of the Driller, which although short has enough promise in itself to be a great full length feature (with 80’s horror style).

The only complaint that I have about Melvin is that it’s not long enough.
I could have easily watched at least another 30 minutes of action and felt a little cheated as the film fell short of 1 hour. If you want to compare feature lengths, then think along the line of a Charles Band film.
However the fact that the DVD includes a 30 minute featurette, director’s commentary, music videos, the The Night of the Driller trailer and an introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, the short length is made up for.

Melvin 2009

I would recommend this film to everyone who likes zombies, low budget horror, comedy and blood, guts and gore.
It is truly worthy of a high mark so that is what it’s going to get…

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 


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