Outpost 2 – Facebook casting call

So you watch a lot of horror movies right? But have you ever thought that you should appear in one?
Perhaps you have felt in the past that on-screen performances by others are lacklustre. Zombies outpost 2not biting hard enough, werewolves not howling with enough enthusiasm… That sort of thing.

Well, now you could have the chance to prove yourself as the makers of Outpost 2 and Prepare to Be Scared are putting out a casting call on Facebook.

More of a competition than an audition, to be in with a chance to star in Outpost 2 with a friend you’ll need to upload a photo of yourself to Facebook. You’re then encouraged to get as many supporting comments from your friends as possible, so the sooner you start, the better!

For more information, check out the Outpost 2 competition page here:
Outpost 2 casting call competition


Tom Atkinson

Tom is one of the editors at Love Horror. He has been watching horror for a worryingly long time, starting on the Universal Monsters and progressing through the Carpenter classics. He has a soft-spot for eighties horror.More

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