PMS Cop (2014) Review

PMS Cop tells the story of Mary, a police officer who after being caught on television beating a rapist, is forced into an evil pharmaceutical company’s drug trial for a PMS inhibitor known as Corybantic.
After a tragic event, Mary suffers a horrific side effect, PMS cop 2014and with her new found superhuman strength, she begins to systematically take out her vengeance on everyone in her path.
Will Mary fight against her inner urge to destroy? Or could she become the first of a new secret weapons program designed by this evil corporation?

Yes folks, the synopsis above is genuine and the film I am about to review for you is PMS Cop.
Many a joke has been thrown around over the years about avoiding women when they are suffering from PMS and it now appears that the joke is on us, as this PMS Cop is determined to kick some serious premenstrual ass.

Mary and her partner James, two cops on patrol, are called to the residence of Shower Girl who is being molested and attacked by Clown Rapist. Mary and James succeed in leading Clown Rapist into submission, but Mary lets him rile her and she beats him.
As a result the pair are severely reprimanded by their boss and it’s suggested that, due to her uncontrollable violent urges brought on by PMS, she should take part in the trial of new drug corybantic.
Everything appears to be going smoothly with the trial until her partner James is killed on the job. This triggers uncontrollable urges in Mary and she becomes an unstoppable killing machine who lets nothing get in her way.

pms cop film 2014

Mary soon finds her way back to the corporation who created the drug discovers that plans are afoot to use Mary and the others on the trial as a weapon.
Will Mary become a slave to the corporation and become the killing machine they desire?
Or will she overcome the use of Corybantic and the desire to kill?

PMS Cop feels like a nostalgic trip back to the 80’s and is reminiscent of the times of films like The Terminator and The Exterminator. Not in regards to the story line, but the general vibe of the film, helped by the use of 80s synthesizers to further evoke the period that the film is obviously harking back to.
Indeed I believe that PMS Cop would have done big business back in the 80s should it have been around then. The sheer amount of blood, guts, eye popping stunts and general madness alone would have guaranteed it a place on the ‘video nasties’ list.

pms cop movie

Although the film was made on a minute budget ($30,000), I thoroughly enjoyed it for the harmless piece of fun it is. I can tell director Bryon Blakey made the film firmly with a tongue in his cheek and there are some genuine ‘laugh out loud’ moments. I would love to tell you all about them, but it might spoil your enjoyment a little.

There are some fine performances from Heather Hall as Mary, who is also easy on the eye and Cindy Means as her alter ego, PMS Cop.

Any genuine horror fan who loves their 80s movies will enjoy this film as would any fan of comedy-horror.
I didn’t expect much so was pleasantly surprised by the film.

That said, I do have one small criticism – the fact that the ending left me shouting for more.

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Movie Rating: ★★★½☆ 



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