Grave Walkers (2015) Review


If Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, and John Carpenter all had a threesome, then after whilst basking in post coiltal bliss, chain smoking cigarettes, decided to write and direct a movie together, because at this point they are all now in love and in a three-way relationship…they would have made this movie.4

After watching the trailer for this film I mentally prepared myself for another tiring and failed attempt at the black comedy genre, ‘’Sharknado’’ anyone? But a part of me hoped and prayed for something that would re-ignite my love of a comedy in my horror

My wish was granted…

Grave walkers tell’s the story of a small town’s sheriff department who have in their custody a shape shifting evil force, who takes the form of what each person perceives as evil in their eyes, which in turn causes them to fly into violent fits of rage at anyone in their path

Yet it does not end there, for the film is shot and divided into two parts, the first, which is shot in black and white, sporting a ‘’Twin peaks’’ style soundtrack and script to match, and the second which radiates vivid colour, fast paced action scenes and some well-timed, laugh out loud one liners from the cast.

The two parts of the film are joined by the common goal of destroying the evil force, firstly by the lovable gang of local law enforcement, and the other from the machine gun welding, walking dead, they casually rise up to ‘’lend a hand’’.3

This film reeks of coolness, with a script that in not only immensely funny but quick witted and compelling [ and also drops in some excellent throw back references to the zombie film genera], a score that is perfectly sourced and timed, and visual effects that are stimulating as well as a perfect source for certain comedic effect.

The film does have a certain reliance on CGI at points, understandably there are factors which cannot be helped, such as the glowing eyes on the zombies, but I can’t help but feel it would have been well suited to the style of the movie if body make was employed on a larger scale when addressing visual effects.

Grave walkers director Ari Kirschenbaum refreshingly treats his audience with a sense of intelligence, as we too have to decipher the reasons for this evil force’s presence, which rather than making for a plot line that lacks direction, actually builds a solid foundation for an intriguing as well as enjoyable storyline.

This movie serves up the perfect combination of campy comedy to violence and gore, visual stimulation to cleaver script writing, and with some worthy deliverances from the cast and a cameo from the one and only candyman, I will over and over, enjoy this film for years to come.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 




With an erotic disposition for anyone with a knife in a mask, the horror genre has a strong hold on my heart. After writing film reviews for many fanzines I have been embraced into the bloody arms of ‘’love horror’’ to unleash hell on the unsuspecting world of horror cinema. My passions lie in wait for great slashers, B rate horrors and 70’s throwbacks, or anything with Michael Myers walking at a steady pace toward a screaming lady.

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