After floating adrift in deep space for many years aboard the Sulaco, Jonesy eventually crashed to earth. The cryogenic suspension was de-activated and what emerged from the wreckage was a highly evolved, alien hybrid feline... More


Frozen (2010)

Frozen has clearly been made with good intentions, writer/Director Adam Green having chosen to work entirely with practical effects in a ‘real’ environment and plonking its cast in a very believable and hopeless situation.Read More


Trash Humpers (2009)

Trash Humpers opens with three deranged pensioners humping, groping and fellating garbage cans and foliage alike. Through the grim mirk of VHS static these characters are lent a nightmare quality that is only amplified by each of their artificial and equally monstrous looking faces. And yet, as one of them systematically suckles on a tree […]Read More


Goemon (2009)

Goemon, the titular hero, begins the movie wearing an ivy patterned scarlet robe. He moves with cartoonish limber, refusing to kill where he does not need to and silhouettes himself histrionically in front of a fluorescent moon.Read More