10 Amazing Cakes Inspired by Horror Films

Everyone loves cake. And when it comes to a good time of year to buy someone a cake (birthday for instance) it can be hard to choose the right one.
Horror fans can be picky, so a great idea is to combine their love of horror and their love of cake in one package.

For those of you needing inspiration we bring you (in no particular order)…

10 Amazing Cakes Inspired by Horror Films

1. Evil Dead the Musical (Gimme Some Sugar)

When it was first suggested that the much loved horror film, Evil Dead, could become a musical lots of people thought the idea was mad. And when a celebratory cake with an edible chainsaw cutting its way through the tower of sponge and icing was unveiled, it must have also seemed pretty crazy.

Evil Dead Musical Cake

2. Freddy Krueger

This cake would have to win a prize of some sort just based on its size. The masterpiece which looks something like a totem pole of death, horror and sweet sugar was showcased at a horror event in the US. The bottom, boiler part even gave off smoke. How awesome?

Freddy Krueger cake

3. Face Hugger (Custom Cakes by Susan)

You could be getting a whole lot more than just nourishment when you ingest this little creation. This freshly hatched face hugger would no doubt love to impregnate you, if it wasn’t made out of cake of course.

Face hugger cake

4. Jason (Your Happy Baker)

Jason cakes are a popular choice, but there are a couple of things that make this one stand out above the rest. The first is the sheer amount of blood oozing from the knife wound in his eye hole, and the second is the black on black writing/cake combo. Classy.

Jason 13th cake

5. IT

Putting your hands anywhere near this guy would be a pretty terrifying experience. This killer clown’s teeth look real enough to be able to bite chunks out of anyone trying to take a slice out of him.

IT cake clown

6. Leatherface

Is this a cake, or is it really the mask made out of skin that Leatherface likes to don when chasing teenagers? It’s hard to tell, but either way, it looks very real and decidedly fleshy.

Leatherface cake

7. Exorcist Cake

Presented at the opening after party of a theatre production of the infamous demonic possession movie, this Exorcist cake has everything that a man of god fighting evil might need – from the good book to a crucifix – all edible of course.

Exorcist cake

8. Pinhead (Foxylicious Cakes)

Pinhead is another popular choice when it comes to horror cakes, but few dare to take on the challenge of a 3D bust of the most famous Hellraiser. Gruesome and fortified with iron (nails).

Pinhead cake

9. Chucky (Debbie Goard)

Everyone’s favourite killer toy looks sweeter than ever when he’s made from sugar icing. This amazing piece of cake art must have taken a long time to complete and a fair amount of time to eat.

Chucky cake

10. Slimer

We had to end on a cute note didn’t we? No matter how much cake you end up eating, looking at this guy is always going to make you feel better about your appearance. Unless you too are a green gelatinous blob with no legs, in which case, help yourself to another slice.

slimer cake



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