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Horror Channel Brings Winter Chills

Deep and crisp and bloody! Get ready to be frozen to the bone this November Friday 9th, Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th Nov, 10.55pm with Horror Channel’s Winter Chills Weekend – featuring some truly snow-filled spine tingling premieres. Dead Snow Fri Nov 9 @ 22:55 The hills are alive – with undead Nazis as the […]Read More

Love Horror’s Zombie Movie Massacre

We here at love horror know that everyone loves zombies so what better way to celebrate Halloween this year than with Love Horror’s Zombie Movie Massacre a series of the sickest silliest zombie screenings taking place at the Leicester Square Theatre.Read More

Outpost II: Black Sun (2012) Review

If the question is ‘what’s worse than Nazi’s?’ Outpost’s answer would be ‘zombie Nazi’s’. And it would seem it shares this view with a whole host of other horrors who have set about resurrecting the Third Reich from their battlefield graves and onto our screens.Read More