The Return of the Living Dead Special – Jewel Shepherd Interview

Here’s Part Three of our exclusive series of interviews celebrating the special edition Blu-ray and DVD release of The Return of the Living Dead (on 4th of June). This time it’s the turn of Jewel Shepherd, better known as Casey – the blue haired babe from ‘Return’, here to talk about her life after the movie and more.

LoveHorror: The Return of the Living Dead is returning once again. How did you get involved in this zany zombie movie?

Jewel Shepherd: It was like a dream… There I was bare-ass naked up on stage in a strip joint when the Director, Dan O’Bannon looked up from another pussy and saw my face. Like scenes from, “A Star Is Born”, Dan, shouted, “I want to star you in my movie!” Being a trooper, how possibly could I have turned him down? Ha. (yes, I did write, “pussy”. You can stop laughing now.)

LoveHorror: What was filming like? And do you have any stories from the set?

Jewel Shepherd: Filming, was the usual bore. Lots of long hours. Lots of zombies wanting to eat you, to their dead freakin’ faces on film… Not enough money. The usual stuff.

The Return of the Living Dead

LoveHorror: The movie was made in 1985 have you watched it since? If so, what do you think of it?

Jewel Shepherd: I only watch it now when I am forced too. Like at Horror conventions or tied to the bed with a zombie fan.

The Return of the Living Dead

LoveHorror: The special edition features the documentary More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead, are you surprised at the cult status that the movie has? Why do you think it has been embraced by so many horror fans?

Jewel Shepherd: For me? “More Brains” was shot the day before I had my breasts removed thanks to Breast Cancer. The entire shoot… I was thinking about my breasts or soon to be lack of breasts. I shot the footage of Dan O’Bannon and I am proud of that. I am happy to be a part of something that has touch so many people…

LoveHorror: What have you been doing since the film? And what are you up to now?

Jewel Shepherd: Shot “The Artist” and this Hallmark Commercial here at chemo number 6. A good year, if you ask me. Very happy to be alive.

LoveHorror: What is your favorite zombie movie (other than The Return of the Living Dead)?

Jewel Shepherd: I don’t watch zombie movies. I have only seen “Return…” in any horror related movie. I am just a simple girl who likes to cook and sew. 🙂

The Return of the Living Dead

LoveHorror: Finally if you where to return as one of the living dead what’s the first thing you would do?

Jewel Shepherd: Become a producer making the “Return…” franchise. Live on Zombie Island with tons of pool boys to do my bidding. The simple life.

Jewel thank you so much for your time and your answers.

Part Four of our interviews is Here and don’t forget The Return of the Living Dead is released on Special Edition Blu-ray and DVD release on the 4th of June.


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