The Pack (2010) Review

The Pack or La Meute as it’s original title is known, begins with Charlotte picking up Max, a hitchhiker. Stopping at a restaurant, Max decides to go to the bathroom but doesn’t come back. Charlotte tries to the pack la meute 2010 coverhide him but has no luck, and returning to the bar that night Charlotte is kidnapped by La Spack – who turns out to be Max’s mother. She needs to feed her kids (The Pack), who are a bunch of flesh eating ghouls. They’re dead and they’re hungry!

We first encounter The Pack 45 minutes into the film. Zombie-like in their mannerisms, their faces appear to be etched with evil. Their intent is purely to feast on whatever they are given. For no apparent reason Charlotte is not devoured on the first night that she is left at the mercy of The Pack.

The rest of the film is graphic and at points sickening as Charlotte and another victim are drained of their blood and have the blood replaced with horrible looking black liquid (I’m not sure what this is). There is also dismemberment and we see a head tossed in through a window.
To top things off there is also a standoff slightly reminiscent of Night Of The Living Dead, which adds a nice touch.

the pack la meute 2010 movie

The Pack has some of the most grotesque visuals that I’ve ever seen in a horror film and these seem serve as a warning to any young girl who thinks it is okay to pick up strangers whilst driving alone. La Spack and Max are two of the most gross, evil and manipulative individuals ever to grace the big screen and are not your run of the mill TCM hillbillies. The ghouls look pretty impressive and are genuinely frightening. I think anyone would be scared if they came face to face with these creatures.

Puzzled again, I am somewhat curious as to why Charlotte is so insistent on finding out where Max has gone to? Although it appears she has not had the company of a man for quite a long time, it strikes me as desperate that she is willing to hook up with the first person that catches her eye. Also, logically speaking would you or I venture back to a remote place in the middle of the night on our own just to find a potential date? Not this zombie that’s for sure!!!

the pack la meute 2010 the pack la meute 2010 horror film

Overall, The Pack is a very impressive debut by writer/director Franck Richard who looks to be one of the up-and-coming horror directors to look out for over the coming years.
Franck is not scared to use highly grotesque visuals to put his message across, whilst also injecting the plot with humour and great dialogue between all members of the cast. It’s nice to see a film that whilst not taking itself that seriously, presents us with a horror ride which is a unique take on a very old genre.
I’m looking forward to seeing Franck’s next film. Let’s hope it’s horror!

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 

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