As Above So Below Trailer

As Above So Below is the latest subterranean horror to crawl up from the underworld.

The documentary/found footage style as-above-so-below-posterfilm is set in Paris (or should that be ‘beneath’ it) and follows a small group of explorers who are documenting their travels through the infamous catacombs.

The catacombs were carved out of pre-existing stone mines and was opened in the late 18th century to be used as an underground cemetery.
It’s no wonder then that there is a lot of mystery, folklore and many a spooky story linked to this vast underground space. It’s also unsurprising that it would be the perfect setting for a horror film or two (also Catacombs – 2007).

As Above So Below is released in cinemas on 15th August (UK and US).

Check out the trailer here:



There is little that gets between Gremlin and a good news story. Except perhaps a late night snack followed by a dip in the pool.

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