Not Like Others (2008)

not like others When I think of vampires I picture Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee in their archetypal Dracula roles. I expect to see Castle Dracula and Romanian gypsies and scared villagers running round screaming “Nosferatu”. I’m actually pleased to say that Not Like Others (Vampyrer is it’s official Swedish title) is nothing like this at all.

Vera and Vanja are sisters, who just happen to also be vampires. They have the samenot like others petty squabbles that most siblings have and it is quite fun watching the petty arguments they have onscreen. Vanja wants to live a normal life and does not relish the vampiric ways her sister seems to embrace. Vera on the other hand wants to go out and party, whilst Vanja is happy to sneak into a late night cinema to watch a movie for free.

The blood starts flowing in the first 7 minutes of the movie when Vera and Vanja visit a club and encounter some hot (not) bikers. One of the bikers takes a shine to Vera. Vera suggests they get more familiar in the club’s toilets (classy!). Vera uses a more visual approach in obtaining her victim’s blood by stabbing him in the neck with a penknife and then draining his blood. The blood pumps from the biker’s neck and Vera goes to tell her sister that she’s left some for her. When Vanja goes to get her fill, she is confronted by the biker who is not pleased (would you be?) and finishes him off (I mean drains his blood, what did you think?). They then both flee the club. The bikers find their friend and ride off in hot pursuit.

Vera and Vanja spend most of the film evading the bikers who aren’t going to give up until they avenge the death of their friend. Vanja wants to start a new life, but Vera will have none of this and will do anything to stop Vanja achieving her dream.
Vanja has fallen in love with a human and Vera assures her it will not work. She uses the age old “He says he loves you, but does he?” trick which friends often use when they feel that their friend is going to be taken away from them. Vanja sticks to her guns and insists she is starting a new life as she is not happy to rely on blood – she’s quite happy to try human food even though it makes her sick when she eats it. Anything to live a normal life.

Even though they are essentially killers, I felt a fondness for both sisters and could understand to a point why they carried on the way they did – just looking out for each other like all siblings do. I am sure that anyone watching the film will relate to some of the emotions the sisters express to each other.

Although not spectacular, the ending of the movie provides some closure for Vera and Vanja. I’m not going to spoil that for you though, go and watch it!
I love the use of their town as the focal point for the sisters lives, as we see them going out shopping etc. Plus we also get to glimpse what life is like in Sweden at night! The soundtrack which adds nicely to the atmosphere of the film is quite beautiful at times.

not like others

Jenny Lampa (Vera) and Ruth Vega Fernandez (Vanja) are great actresses and it’s quite believable they could be sisters.
The film is good, and I have to commend the director Peter Pontikis on this impressive achievement which is down to great acting and a great script (which he also wrote). I am looking forward to seeing the 2 short movies he has also produced as I think he has a bright future in horror.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 

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