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V/H/S: Viral (2014) Review

Although VHS might be dead V/H/S is still going strong it seems with part 3 premiering at FrightFest 2014 this year putting together another crazy, gory and gruesome group of short films with a warped wrap around proving this is a concept that just keeps going.Read More

V/H/S/2 (2013) Review

We’ve talked a lot about how cool horror anthologies like Creepshow and Trick R Treat can be, but V/H/S caused quite a stir. Produced by some rather creative horror minds and having a more gritty edge than other similar efforts, it got a warm reception and left audiences feeling suitably shocked and scared.Read More

The ABC’s of Death (2012) Review

 The horror anthology film is a wonderful thing. As discussed extensively in our Black Sabbath review, horror is one of the only genre’s where a collection of short stories all around the same subject really works and with VHS and the soon to be released VHS2 reigniting interest in the concept it seems The ABC’s […]Read More

FrightFest 2013 Line Up Announced

The horror event of the year is quickly approaching and this year seems set to be an eclectic powerhouse of horror bigger and we hope better than ever. This year there are eleven countries representing five continents with a record-breaking thirty-three UK or European premieres and ten world premieres.Read More