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Tony: London Serial Killer (2010)

I am of two minds regarding The National Lottery. On the one hand, it is a reprehensible exploitation of public will. Leeching off of the weak and the desperate, it promises gargantuan cash prizes that will fulfil all of our hopes and desires; fix our broken dreams and elevate our desperate existence through greater material […]Read More

The Silence of The Talented Mr Psycho, Tony: London Serial

“He puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.” Name that film, name that serial killer. Not hard is it? It’s the gender-bending, skin-weaving, puppy-dog-petting, Buffalo Bill from The Silence Of The Lambs, of course. Thomas Harris is a horror author with some serious skills when it comes to imbuing […]Read More

Tony competition

The impressive debut from Gerard Johnson, Tony has already drawn comparisons to Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Taxi Driver and is one of the most original and disturbing British films of recent years.Read More