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THE WOLF MAN, THE MUMMY, THEY LIVE Apparel from Fright-Rags

THE WOLF MAN, THE MUMMY, THEY LIVE Apparel Available Now at Fright-Rags.com In its continuing commitment to provide horror fans with apparel from all eras of the genre, Fright-Rags has released new collections featuring classic creatures, an ’80s favorite, and a contemporary podcast. Fright-Rags’ Universal Monsters line grows to include The Wolf Man and The Mummy. […]Read More

The Mummy (1959) Review

In order for me to obtain a blue ray screener of The Mummy, I was asked to provide a sample of my blood in order for it to be matched with Kharis’s! I found this a bit strange at first, but I’ve been assured by the distributors that there is nothing to worry about. I […]Read More

Super Hybrid (2010) Review

So you stumble across an abandoned high-performance sports car in a dark alley. We’re talking the car of your dreams here. It’s open, fully stocked and the keys are still dangling enticingly in the ignition. What do you do?Read More