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Top 4 Horror Documentaries of 2020

Who could have predicted the things that happened in 2020! As our real lives got transformed into a horror movie involving a killer virus that spread across the planet another shock came in the form of the high quality doc’s that emerged across the year ranging in subjects but all of them horror related.Read More

The Horror Crowd (2020) Review

Going behind the scenes of the horror world is often as fascinating as the films themselves, this documentary is no exception as Ruben Pla (Insidious) explores the horror scene of genre filmmakers and the true stories of how they conjured up the nightmares we see on screen.Read More

Horror Favourites – Ruben Pla

Fear…the most primal of human emotions. Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman… The Exorcist, Jaws, Alien. What made the creators of these films dream up the nightmares that kept us up at night? Were they as strange and twisted as their creations? And what about today’s creators of horror? Who are the minds behind the macabre of […]Read More