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In the sinister vein of THE ENTITY and THE CONJURING

Tiberiusfilm Ltd. (TFL), the company behind the multi-award winning horror film Lilith and action thriller Prey, in Cold Blood is announcing the completion of their new horror film Paranormal Attraction, starring Brooklyn Haley (the upcoming films Bearry, Desert Moon), Nicole Cinaglia (Death House, Camp Dread) , Eden Shea Beck (Boy Genius, The House, the Hulu […]Read More

8 of the Scariest Ghosts in Film

Ghosts. Are they just re-runs of events from the past? Are they harbingers of doom? Can they hurt people? Do they really exist? These are all important questions. But when it comes to horror movies, (from the producer’s perspective at least) the most important question is ‘can we terrify an audience with them?’ and the […]Read More

Halloween Grindhouse.

We here at Love Horror love Halloween (and not just by proxy). Every year, when the Celtic festival of harvest rolls around a wicked expression of unsettling menace creeps its way across our sunken faces. It’s the one day of the year that we are allowed to indulge our obsession with everything ghoulish and ghastly, […]Read More