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The Collection (2012) Review

2009’s The Collector was an innovative and nasty horror that imprisoned the audience and its central anti-hero, Arkin (the underrated Josh Stewart) in a house full of terrifying traps, laid out by a psychopath with a twisted imagination.Read More

The Collector competition

We have gone on a fair bit about The Collector in recent weeks. Partly because its a pretty nasty Saw-esque movie and partly because those responsible had the good sense to release it just in time for Halloween!Read More

Horror Film Rule Book

In celebration of the release of The Collector on DVD and BD on Monday 18th October the people promoting the movie have decided that it would be useful if we talk you though our version of the horror film rule book. It could save your life!Read More

Depraved Monsters of the Big Screen

Brutality, identity, torment: the mind of a depraved killer. A look at the most fascinating screen killers that make up the greatest and most influential horror films today. Perhaps the only common feature is the fact they kill.Read More