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My Ex 2 … The bitch is back!

My Ex 2: Haunted Lover, the dark and disturbing sequel to My Ex is out on the 20th of May. A delicious mix of gore and the supernatural, horror fans will love this next chapter of the My Ex franchise as it revisits the themes of treachery, vengeance and murder.Read More

My Ex (2010) Review

My Ex probably isn’t Thailand’s first horror movie, but it certainly seems like they’ve discovered horror tropes for the first time, and are keen to use them over and over.Read More

Meat Grinder (2010)

The trailer for Meat Grinder really drew me in – so completely different to the ‘tell you everything’ approach of US horror film trailers (or just many Hollywood films in general). It seemed almost abstract, disconcerting, affective and hinted at lots of highly physicalised violence.Read More

Phobia / 4bia [See Prang] (2008)

Have you got a phobia? Heights? spiders? How about if your phobia was horror movies! That would be weird with you visiting Love Horror and everything. Actually, Phobia isn’t about ‘phobias’ as such. I’m guessing that it was a translation thing where ‘fears’ was probably more accurate. Shame huh?Read More