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Link (1986) Review

Within horror there is a multitude of evil monkey movies. From Congo to King Kong to Monkey Shines to Planet of the Apes to Marcel in Friends, big or small it seems some of our simian cousins are seriously intent on destroying us. The 1986 horror Link takes this to a whole different level aiming […]Read More

The Death of Superman (2018) Review

Following on from the brilliant Batman: Gotham By Gaslight Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment have brought another magnificent DC story to life, this time the epic Death of Superman saga which caused comic book chaos when it came out in 1992 and 1993.Read More

100 Pages of Horror – Apollo by Matt Fitch, Chris

Continuing their amazingly strong and eclectic output the fantastic publishers at SelfMadeHero’s take on the real life tale of one of humanities greatest achievements which took place many years ago way back in 1969, the Apollo mission that put a man on the moon for the first time.Read More

Score: A Film Music Documentary (2016) Review

Making a documentary about film scores is like making a documentary about cinematography: Almost every minute of cinema since the dawn of the medium has been scored, and so there is a lot of ground to cover. Too much ground for a 90 minute feature that works best when guiding us around recording studios and […]Read More