Cine Excess XI: Fear and the Unfamiliar: Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Wrong Crowd

The Cine Excess Cult Film Conference and Festival kicks off its eleventh year under the title Fear and the Unfamiliar: Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Wrong Crowd, and focuses on how marginal groups and communities become a source of fear and fascination in cult cinema traditions. The festival, combining academic discussions and public screenings of cult […]

Sequence Break (2017) Review

From the imaginative mind of Graham Skipper (best known for his performances in Almost Human and Beyond the Gates) comes Sequence Break, a romantic, science fiction, body horror with a saturated retro vibe. Inspired by the new wave of 80’s throwback films that Skipper has previously starred in, Sequence Break is a solid effort and […]

Five FrightFest Facts From Graham Skipper director of SEQUENCE BREAK

1.Tell us about your film? Graham Skipper: SEQUENCE BREAK is a Cronenbergian love story where a reclusive video arcade repair technician (Chase Williamson) meets a mysterious, beautiful young woman (Fabianne Therese) as well as encounters a bizarre, malevolent arcade game. His reality begins to fracture as the game seems to invite hallucinations and bodily mutations, […]