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Horror Favourites – Rodney Ascher

Rodney Ascher is a man who knows about horror having made the sensational documentary on The Shining Room 237 and the dream shatteringly scary exploration of sleep paralysis, The Nightmare. In his latest film Primal Screen he takes us on a trip back to childhood fears and phobias.Read More

Primal Screen (2017) Review

After deconstructing Kubrick’s horror masterpiece in Room 237 and making us scared to ever go to sleep again in The Nightmare Rodney Ascher returns with a journey into childhood fears and phobias -a film that may only last around 30 minutes but packs more impact than you may expect.Read More

Interview with Rodney Ascher Director of Primal Screen

Starting with the insane and inventive dive into the multiple interpretations of The Shining and moving to exploring the terrifying condition that is sleep paralysis in The Nightmare, Rodney Ascher has managed to transform documentaries into a higher art form with his magnificent mussing on multiple aspects of horror and what really scares us.Read More

The Nightmare (2015) Review

Have you ever had a nightmare? The kind where your darkest and deepest fears are played out in font of your very eyes and there is nothing you can do to stop them. You can’t run, you can’t scream and you can’t wake up. Welcome to Rodney Ascher’s amazing documentary, welcome to The Nightmare.Read More