Horror Favourites – Rodney Ascher

Rodney Ascher Love Horror favouritesRodney Ascher is a man who knows about horror having made the sensational documentary on The Shining Room 237 and the dream shatteringly scary exploration of sleep paralysis, The Nightmare.

In his latest film Primal Screen he takes us on a trip back to childhood fears and phobias.

After interviewing so many other people on what made them jump we thought it was high time we asked him what his favourite scary movie was.

“Is the Shining too obvious? How about ‘The Night of the Hunter’ which is perfect gothic fairytale of a movie – now that I’m a father something about the spirit of the little girl singing in the canoe at night as they sail away to who-knows-where makes me cry even when I just think about it. A lot of my other favorites are more outrageous or comic but Hunter is one for the ages.”

Watch Primal Screen Rodney Ascher’s latest film on Shudder NOW!


Alex Humphrey

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