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Exclusive Dracula Pictures

Having opened on wednesday the 10th, the opening play of the 13th Hour Horror Festival – Dracula – is already wowing audiences. And we have pictures courtesy of Dead Lettuce of two of the main cast members to give you a taste of the brilliant adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic vampire tale. The Sci-fan Corporation […]Read More

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Primevil (2010) Review

I picked up the Primevil box and looked at the artwork sticker on the front. The words “Predator Rip-Off” raced through my brain. Even the tag line confirmed it:  “Man is not the only Predator”. Optimistically I thought I could even be in Predator territory. How wrong could I have been?!Read More

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Elfie Hopkins Cast Update

Rupert Evans and Kate Magowan join cast of cannibal horror film Elfie Hopkins Rupert Evans (Hellboy) and Kate Magowan (Primeval), are to star alongside Jaime and Ray Winstone, in ELFIE HOPKINS – a twisted tale of cannibalism set in a British rural hunting village, which begins principle photography on March 8 in locations in West […]Read More