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We’re back with a bang, as we celebrate the release of The Predator by watching Predator, no The required. Join us for an in depth breakdown of John McTiernan’s monster movie classic, as we follow Arnie and a team of ’80s action heroes into the jungle.Read More

Super Hybrid (2010) Review

So you stumble across an abandoned high-performance sports car in a dark alley. We’re talking the car of your dreams here. It’s open, fully stocked and the keys are still dangling enticingly in the ignition. What do you do?Read More

Arachnid (2001) Review

A movie about a giant alien spider from another planet is never going to be a high class work of art and Arachnid is anything but that. However its B-movie charm, schlocky gore and clichéd characters make watching this monster movie guaranteed fun for those that like there horror on the cheesy side. Rereleased as […]Read More