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Final Destination (2000) Review

Anyone would think that being able to predict catastrophic events would be a good thing. If you had that ability, then surely you could do something to prevent it from happening, or at least save a few people?Read More

Airborne (2012) Review

Fundamentally I have found that the world is divided into 2 types of people: those that love Star Wars and those that don’t. Obviously the second type of people are wrong and evil and should be destroyed. But why, I hear you ask, should this drastic divergence of the sci-fi loving population be discussed on […]Read More

Tape 407 [Area 407] (2012) Review

On the surface of it (or judging by the trailer at least) Tape 407 should be an enjoyable film. As a passenger plane flies across America one New Years Eve, something goes terribly wrong, sending the plane hurtling to earth and killing a large number of passengers as it comes to an explosive stop.Read More

Altitude (2010) Review

A Twilight Zone episode stretch to feature length with little to plug the gaps, Altitude is a disappointing mess. It is actually presented in a slick, professional format with its issues hidden just below the surface. The film sits uncomfortably between self-aware pastiche and over-earnest melodrama.Read More